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Youyang nanyaojie rural villagers: the development of characteristic agriculture area — Chongqing Channel – income elderly Yang Changcai is rich in Selenium rice harvest. Reporter Zuo Liyun photo on October 13th, the long march on the road well-off Chongqing all media to go to change the big theme of the second group of interviews with the interview group into the south of Youyang revolutionary base. In recent years, the local government to develop the characteristics of the agricultural industry to increase the income of the villagers, to help them realize the desire to work nearby. Jie Xiang Nan Yao more than and 100 kilometers away from Youyang County, East, South, West three and Guizhou at the junction, "a two foot" geographical advantage to become the battleground since ancient times. In August 1934, He Long was the Red Army nanyaojie District in the establishment of the Soviet regime, in October of the same year, Chinese Red Army sixth corps and a total of more than 8000 people joined in the Red Army nanyaojie victory, and on this basis, Chuan Qianxiang fought in the border region, coordinate and support the red army strong syndrome. Fertile soil in the south of the border, the history of the famous granary". Last year, the country according to local conditions, introduction of agricultural companies to transfer 1018 acres of land in the South Village, planting rice organic selenium. "By the SMAC detection, this part of our soil selenium content is very high, the crop is also rich in selenium, has anti-cancer, immune function." The agricultural company responsible Yang Xiuzhi told reporters that this year he planted acres of rice organic rice is expected to harvest 500 thousand pounds, according to the calculation of 13 yuan per kilogram price, he can earn about 4000000 yuan. The introduction of agricultural companies also solve the employment problem of local villagers. The 76 year old Yang Changcai is the village of poor households, since last year, he worked in the agricultural company, responsible for weeding, soil preparation work, 1500 yuan monthly salary, plus the land transfer fee, can earn 20 thousand yuan a year. "At home can earn money, much better than their own farming." At present, the organic rice base driven by the southern village of 45 poor households income. In addition, the rural sector has also developed the South walnut, crisp red plum and other industries, help farmers increase income." The township official told reporters. (reporter Zuo Liyun) (Wang Zhang, commissioning editor:??)相关的主题文章: