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UnCategorized So what could your success in a home business possibly have in common with an innocuous singer named Susan Boyle? A lot; here you go… In only three days times, and at the time of this writing, video clips of a singing performance by somebody named Susan Boyle – a completely unknown singer – have climbed to over 50 million views on YouTube. The woman has, without question, one of the sweetest, most angelic voices you’d ever hear. But that is only where the story begins. She stood on the stage during the taping of a show from England called "Britain’s Got Talent". She’s a frumpy woman with a messy hairdo which will remind you of a bird’s nest. Immediately, when you’re watching her stand there, just moments before her performance begins, there is only one thought going though your mind; you cannot help but think that she has been put on the stage for shock value. You know how these "talent" shows operate. It’s obligatory that they include people in the lineup that entertain, not so much for their talent, but rather for their lack thereof. You couldn’t help but think Susan Boyle was on the show for that reason. She seemed to have everything going against her. Her age; she is 47. If she had any talent, why hadn’t she already been discovered? Who did she want to be as successful as? Her answer: Elaine Paige – a woman known as "The First Lady of British Musical Theatre". The crowd is cackling and making fun of her and the judges seem ready to try and get her off the stage sooner rather than later. She had chosen to perform a song entitled "I Dreamed A Dream" from the play Les Miserables. A very difficult song to sing indeed. The music is cued; there she stands with microphone in hand. She opens her mouth to let out the first note of her performance; by the eighth note the crowd is cheering wildly and the judges are in shock. By the time she is finished singing the entire song, you’ve realized a star has just been born. So what does the performance of Susan Boyle have to do with you building your successful home based Network Marketing business? Dig a little and you can find numerous similarities. First and foremost, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. "Can’t" is a word that subjugates losers and you are no loser. Don’t ever quit on yourself – you can do anything you put your mind to. Secondly, It’s never too late to build a successful MLM business. There is no time frame on your success. Just as it made no difference to Susan Boyle that she is in her late 40’s, neither should it matter to you how old you are. It is never too late to start and build your successful home business. Thirdly, everything Susan Boyle had done in her life culminated into her moment on that stage. Singing in her church’s choir, singing around the house and at all other times when she was alone and let lyrics flow from her lungs – it all lead up to that moment. And this I think is the biggest lesson of all. Your life is a sum total of your past. You will experience times of frustration where you feel as though you’re putting effort into building your business but there simply are no meaningful results to show for it. But you mustn’t give up. The day will come for you, as it had for Susan Boyle, where you will experience that break through. That time will only come provided you pursue it with passion and persistence and a refusal to quit. Change and success can come in an instant. Your turn around from struggling entrepreneur to successful Network Marketer can arrive in a flash. And it will arrive if, and only if, you refuse to quit. Do you understand? There really is no such thing as overnight success. What seems like overnight success has always been preceded by preparation. Sometimes years and years of preparation. And your preparation is what will enable you to also become an "overnight success". Finally, if you have not yet seen video clips of Susan Boyle’s performance, drop what you’re doing and go search them out on YouTube. You will be absolutely amazed at what you see and you’re sure to draw some inspiration from it too just as I have. About the Author: ..UniversalMLMSuccess../ 相关的主题文章: