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Automobiles There are a few things your car mechanic does not tell you when you are planning to buy a used car. This can be more frustrating if you are planning to sell your used car. It is possible that he does not know them or worse, he does not want to make you knowledgeable. Real mechanics give you the inside scoop on the used car. ‘I wouldn’t drive this car another mile’: This kind of comments from your tantamount to scare tactics. This kind of admonitions should be viewed with suspicion. It may be a first step towards motivating you into selling your good car as a used car for a hefty commission for him. Surely as a first owner you know how good your vehicle is. Reputable shops: Always look out for Reputable shops that display ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) or AAA (American Automobile Association) certification and a state license display on the walls of their offices. These mechanics are proud to display them and believe me, they are the best to judge a used car. The tell tale signs: The tell tale signs tell you how well the used car was maintained. Look for a clean garage. A floor cluttered with empty oil cans, worn tires, and dirty rags is a red flag indicate that the used car is really riddled with a host of engine problems. Research thoroughly: Look for a highly recommended mechanic to appraise the used car. Look closely: Look closely at the warranties, licenses, and the type of equipment of the used car in the offing. Never sign a blank authorization form: Always get a signed work order with a specific estimate for each job and warranties that apply on the used car. Avoid the mechanic who says ‘I don’t need fancy equipment’: A mechanics shop without a good engine analyzer and scan tool should be avoided. As the cars are getting very sophisticated they need also state of the art tools to work on them. Outdated tools are no good diagnostic tools for modern used cars despite the wear and tear they are subjected to. Synthetic motor oils: Any mechanic who is against Synthetic motor oils perhaps is only against cost. Synthetic motor oils may cost more, but you’ll get a lot more miles between changes, even with the used cars. Second opinion: When you go for a second opinion on the used car you set your eyes on, do not reveal what the first the mechanic had thought. Do not reveal the first diagnosis and the price quoted for the used car. Keep Your owner’s manual Handy as a ready reckoner: Always return to your owner’s manual before you approach a mechanic. Coolant flushes and power steering flushes are very common gimmicks at quick lubes. Check your owner’s manual. Many cars have fluid that is designed to go 100,000 miles. And cleaning fuel injectors is a waste of time and money. There are additives on the market that do a great job. This prevents you from selling your car as used car. Always ask for OE: Always ask for original equipment (OE) like the brake pads or at least equivalent material. Do not let the mechanic judge and give you stuff causing a pileup, on the way to work. A $49.95 brake job will usually get you the worst friction material you can buy. Invest some time on the shopping of the accessories. Do not rush. If a deal is too god it must be a real risk: If you’re getting an unusually good deal on a used serviceable tire, you might be buying s three-year-old treads. This is a risky proposition for snow tires. Remember to ask about the manufacturing date of the tire for your used car. Lifetime mufflers: Since when a muffler is built to last a lifetime? It is possible that you will be given free replacements on the used car, but they come with expensive pipe repairs, written in small print. Warranties on car parts remain active beyond the primary Warranty of the Vehicle: Consult your dealer before you have decided to have the catalytic converter or emissions parts replaced on your used car. Some of these items carry a very long warranty even if the primary warranty on the vehicle expires. You will be entitled to free replacements of the parts on the used car too. The ‘check engine’ light: If your ‘check engine’ light stays on all the time it is probably not a loose gas cap. It does not hurt to get the light also checked so that it saves time on getting the engine checked. If the fault is not with the light, it is worthwhile to check if the engine is okay. About Dr.Car Dr.Car has brought to the shores of India a unique trading platform where buyers and sellers interact directly with each other. Dr.Car brings you the finest experience of buying and selling cars online. Dr.Car aims at offering the convenience demanded by the consumers of today with the largest inventory of used cars in a single location as an unbeatable value proposition in the market place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: