Yang Wenjun succeeded Liu Haifeng KKR to the new head of Chinese crycry

Yang Wenjun succeeded Liu Haifeng KKR China to the new head of the humanities Yang Yang KKR today announced that Yang Wenjun will be since January 2017 served as president of the Greater China region. KKR announced a series of personnel adjustments a few weeks ago. The current KKR global partner, former Asian private equity business President Mr. Liu Haifeng and co director of Greater China and another KKR global partner HUAYU can Mr. will leave at the end of this year, and transferred to KKR consultants. Yang Wenjun currently serves as president and CEO of China Development finance. Yang Wenjun manages investments for the group and leads the operations of 7000 employees in Hongkong, Taipei, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta. China Financial Holdings is one of Asia’s largest and most historic regional merchant banking group, which manages $about 20000000000. He joined the China Development Holdings in 2005, served as chief investment officer and head of private business, and in 2011 was promoted to the post office today, to help China development financial holding successful transformation, the success of its own private business transformation for the rapid growth of the asset management platform. He successfully completed a series of strategic acquisitions in finance and securities. Since its arrival in Asia in 2005, KKR has completed more than 60 private equity transactions in the region, invested more than $10 billion in funds. Currently KKR has 7 offices in the Asia pacific. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: