Yan Ni daughter admitted to the mother and daughter of Central Academy of Drama may perform together-ca1871

The daughter of Yan Ni and her daughter was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama may perform together – Beijing by Yan Ni, Xu Yajun, Ziqi Zhao, Morni Chang, Tan Kai, Yuan Wenkang and other stars of the modern family drama "long live the wife" will be held today at 19:30 landing in Tianjin TV drama played by Yan Ni Ye Shu, the heart is a beautiful and clever advertising elite, but wanted her husband do a full-time wife. Ye Shuxin in the family and career break, interpretation of the funny story. Recently, Yan Ni said in an interview with the screen in the elite image is different, life is a person who wants to influence others with happiness. As an actor, Yan Ni does not mind playing ugly, do not mind the "Tong Xiangyu" in the hearts of the audience deep imprint, "why bother? I love every part of me". About three different women in three different marriages in the selection of underwear to adhere to the role of "long live the wife", played by Yan Ni Ye Shuxin while for the family to do some sacrifice, but still choose to have their own life. Yan Ni said in his life is also more agree with this concept: "love others at the same time to love themselves, their own happiness, you love the people will be happy." In the exposure of the trailers, comfortable dress in the high-end party leaves not only exposed the zipper slide back, still showing the underwear. There are users that is double play, this Yan Ni clarified: "it’s me, the plot is our study together with the director out, even underwear are my own choice, I didn’t choose sexy, because this character at home but also with children, but also busy work, often too busy to attend cartoon image, underwear in line with the character of feeling." Considering the cooperation in the play and daughter screen partner Xu Yajun Yan Ni’s eyes, like a happy little girl, excited just love singing and dancing. Although starred in the drama, as long as Yan Ni, the whole drama is full of humor, and dedication of Yan Ni at the ugly, funny to interpret the hearts of the people. Yan Ni said what kind of appearance have love, "the role of beauty is really beautiful, like Tong Xiangyu is my masterpiece. It’s a very good process to create a character, and a variety of characters can keep digging." When it comes to the audience has also called her in the "martial arts rumored" in the role of "Tong Xiangyu" the name, Yan Ni bluntly do not mind, "why do you mind? I will be happy to say so, I promise." Yan Ni revealed that his daughter has been admitted to Central Academy of Drama, I asked her whether it is from the heart of love, because people are not important to your help, to their true love. If there is a good chance for her role in the future, we might consider performing together." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: