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Xiamen vice mayor Li Dongliang attended the double superstition Li Dongliang data figure original title: former vice mayor of Xiamen Li Dongliang serious violation was double in superstitious activities in new network on 2 February, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, the members of the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government of Fujian Province, party deputy mayor Li Dongliang serious violation was expelled from the party and the public. The day before, approved by the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Xiamen municipal government party members, vice mayor Li Dongliang serious disciplinary problems for review. The investigation, Li Dongliang serious violation of political discipline, organization against censorship, participate in superstitious activities; a serious violation of discipline, taking advantage of his position in the selection and appointment of cadres to seek benefits for others and accepting property, not reportrelevantpersonalmatterstruthfullyaccordingtotheprovisions; honest and serious violation of discipline, the use of authority to seek benefits for others, accepting other property relations the effect of acquiescence, relatives of my position for personal gain, accepting gifts, gift cards, engaged in illegal profit-making activities; serious violations of discipline, improper sexual relations with others. Among them, the use of convenience to seek benefits for others, accepting property issues suspected of committing crimes. Li Dongliang, as a leading cadre of Party members, lost ideals and beliefs, seriously violated the party’s discipline, and the party’s eighteen big, but still not convergence, not hand, bad nature, serious circumstances. According to the relevant provisions of the "China Communist Party disciplinary regulations", by the Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee for consideration and report to the provincial approval, decided to give Li Dongliang expelled from the party; will be submitted to the Fujian provincial supervision department and approved by the Fujian provincial government, given its administrative sanction of expulsion; the proceeds confiscated their discipline; the alleged crime and other clues have been transferred to judicial authorities in accordance with the law. Editor in chief: SN184

厦门原副市长李栋梁被双开 曾参加迷信活动 李栋梁资料图   原标题:厦门原副市长李栋梁严重违纪被双开 参加迷信活动   中新网2月2日电 据中央纪委监察部网站消息,福建省厦门市人民政府党组成员、副市长李栋梁严重违纪被开除党籍和公职。   日前,经中共福建省委批准,福建省纪委对厦门市人民政府党组成员、副市长李栋梁严重违纪问题进行立案审查。   经查,李栋梁严重违反政治纪律,对抗组织审查,参加迷信活动;严重违反组织纪律,利用职务上的便利在干部选拔任用中为他人谋取利益并收受财物,不按规定如实报告个人有关事项;严重违反廉洁纪律,利用职权为他人谋取利益,亲属收受对方财物,默许亲属利用本人职务上的影响谋取私利,收受礼金、购物卡,违规从事营利活动;严重违反生活纪律,与他人发生不正当性关系。其中,利用职务上的便利为他人谋取利益,收受财物问题涉嫌犯罪。   李栋梁身为党员领导干部,理想信念丧失,严重违反党的纪律,且党的十八大后仍不收敛、不收手,性质恶劣、情节严重。依据《中国共产党纪律处分条例》等有关规定,经福建省纪委常委会议审议并报省委批准,决定给予李栋梁开除党籍处分;将由福建省监察厅报请福建省政府批准,给予其行政开除处分;收缴其违纪所得;其涉嫌犯罪问题及其他线索已移送司法机关依法处理。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: