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Xiamen girls indulge these Korean cosmetics half carcinogen exceed the standard the latest CCTV exposure: according to the quality sampling inspection report issued before the date of the Korea consumer Institute, 25 semi permanent makeup dye products circulation on the market in South Korea (tattoo eyebrow, Eyeliner), 12 kinds of products of different degree of heavy metal content exceed the standard, the contents of cadmium and arsenic in 2 products are exceed the standard 3 times, 5 times, while cadmium and arsenic have been the international agency for research on cancer classified as a carcinogen! Touch! ! Surprised! Heart! First of all, it is necessary to look at the science of small, semi permanent make-up of the so-called, refers to such as tattoo eyebrow, eyeliner, lip lines of this kind of cosmetic technology, through professional and technical dye is injected into the human body between the epidermis and dermis. This technology to solve a lot of girls afraid of makeup, makeup and so on trouble, claiming to be able to stay for 2 or 3 years. However, because the dye will stay in the skin for a long time, so the safety of the product is very important. It is amazing that, according to the results of the sampling, all sampling products on the packaging label are not in conformity with the specification, no label product name, composition, production time and other information. These products include a sample of the top three network sales of branded products, we can see the chaos of the Korean semi permanent make-up products circulation, illegal production of goods, smuggling undocumented products are often visible. In recent years, Korean semi permanent make-up become nowadays the most popular cosmetic technology! Without exception, this trend has also been swept into Xiamen!!! Shock: semi permanent make-up in Xiamen unusually hot in January there were 2000 cases of surgery, even men do. Previously, the Herald reporter visited the Xiamen beauty market survey found that nearly two years, launched a variety of variety show "abuse" female star pattern, diving, rolling quagmire, just woke up caught, often let their makeup Zhaojing. But even so, the female star or praise turned over! Do you really think there’s no make-up? No, these are mostly semi permanent make-up. The Herald reporter visited Xiamen found the cosmetic plastic surgery hospital, to come to consult the semi permanent makeup of the public very much, "the average daily need to arrange more than 20 customers, most of the day to do 40". Xiamen is still the circle of aesthetics, the company’s senior beauty division William introduction, after entering the second half, to do semi permanent customer growth rapidly, a month has been completed nearly 2000 cases of semi permanent make-up. Compared with last year, nearly doubled it, many freshmen, as well as the company has just entered the workplace." William told the Herald reporter, makeup is very troublesome, most girls want through the semi permanent makeup, let oneself not time consuming, looks like makeup as beautiful. Even more amazing is the operation of the crowd, there is no shortage of men!!! This year, 46 year old Mr. Lin, a breath to apply for a total of two projects, including eyebrows and hairline trimming. I work in a foreign company, the working environment makes me have to pay attention to their appearance." Mr. Lin told the herald reporter. "A lot of men on their appearance requirements are getting higher and higher, making the team of male beauty continues to grow." William told the Herald reporter, a few years ago in men and women in the proportion of about 1 than 10, while the last two years has reached more than 4 10. Semi permanent make-up in Xiamen how much fire? Just a search on the Internet, various training institutions in the sky;相关的主题文章: