Xi Jinping’s political life and inner Party Supervision from the leading cadres-ca1816

Xi Jinping on the political life and the supervision within the party leading cadres from the original title: Start: Xi Jinping on political life and supervision within the party in October 24th, China eighteenth CPC Central Committee sixth plenary meeting will be held. Earlier, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau meeting in September 27th, have heard about "under the new situation in the political life of the party" Chinese several criteria "Communist Party Supervision Regulations" of the draft report. The sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the two documents will be submitted for consideration. In fact, since eighteen, general secretary Xi Jinping has talked about comprehensive strictly, strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, strengthen inner-party supervision and other topics on several occasions. In this regard, the reporter on the relevant discussion carried out combing. Serious party political life. From the political life of the party tube has a serious party political life is the basis of comprehensive strictly. The party must first from the political life of the party tube; strictly, the first from the political life of the party from the strict. We must strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, the party’s political discipline and political rules, and enhance the political nature of the party’s political life, the times, the principle of combat, a comprehensive purification of the party’s political ecology. All comrades in the party should strengthen political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, core consciousness, par consciousness, and be loyal to the party, party, party, share bear responsibility to the party responsible. In July 1, 2016, to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China conference speech. To strengthen ideological and political construction in the first place serious party political life is a great article, the most important of which is around the party’s ideological line, political line, organizational line, the mass line, organizational life and other key content of upholding and improving democratic centralism, strict party, focus on solving problems. To consolidate and strengthen the ideological and political construction in the first place, to guide the party members especially leading cadres, and build a strong belief base, complement the spirit of calcium, careful thought rudder, firm road of socialism Chinese confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, cultural self-confidence, enhance the consciousness of the party, the party consciousness, sense of purpose, adhere to the truth and stick to the right path, adhere to the principle, adhere to the rules, in order to achieve the beliefs, personality, hard work conduct. To adhere to the excitation of turbidity and jizhuoyangqing, Yang Qing with both hands, let the positive energy, let unhealthy tendencies undetected, eradicate corruption this most deadly "source of pollution", to further promote the style construction, adhere to the correct guidance, really let those loyal, clean, dry, play get praise and reuse, let those but, do nothing, and curry favour with resort to deceit, will run to the market, subject to disciplinary cadres did not advocate, refreshing cool gay relationships, well behaved subordinate relationship. To establish rules and regulations of the moment, the rules of discipline stand up, strict up, so that the rules of discipline really become a live high-voltage line to prevent the broken window effect". In June 28, 2016, it emphasizes the political life of the party to carry out the basic norms of serious party political life seriously in the thirty-third Politburo collective study, is the fine tradition of our party. Since the founding of our party, it attaches great importance to the political life of the party, in the long-term practice has gradually formed to seek truth from facts相关的主题文章: