World War II classic photos the kiss female nurses aged 92 died in Beijing-ratatouille

World War II classic photos "the kiss" female nurses aged 92 died – Beijing [global network reporter Yu Pengfei reported] the end of the second world war news, New York Times Square, the people warmly celebrate, a sailor and nurse drunkenly kissing a moment, a reporter photographed, became a symbol of peace classic photos. After photos of the actor Kedafei died in 2014, photos of the actress Greta? Zimmer? Freedman pneumonia died of illness at the age of 92. According to the Agence France-Presse reported on September 11th, August 14, 1945, an American sailor to celebrate the victory of World War II drunkenly kissing a strange female nurse in Times Square in New York, this scene happened to be photographed photographer, and named "the kiss", became a symbol of the end of World War II Classic photos. Reported that the 21 year old dentist assistant Freedman was 18 year old American sailor Kedafei indifferent kiss to celebrate the victory of World War II, although two people do not know. It is reported that Freedman is not the only one claiming to be a female nurse in the classic photo, another claiming to be the heroine of the photo of the death of Shane in June 2010. Shane, in addition to working in nursing work, but also for more than 30 years of teachers. 1995, she participated in the commemoration of the 50 anniversary of the victory of World War II activities, become the focus of public opinion. A symbol of peace, love, romance, "the kiss of victory", more popular than other world war photos. Each year in August 14th, there are hundreds of men and women in Times Square to celebrate the victory day kiss to commemorate the end of World War ii.相关的主题文章: