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Women spend nearly 20 thousand yuan of breast no larger hospital to persuade them to add money to repair the original title: Shenzhen beauty spent nearly 20 thousand yuan to breast no larger hospital advised to add money to repair   Chen (a pseudonym) to show the plastic surgery hospital transfers records. Miss Chen suffered a beautiful trouble, someone said the hospital is being negotiated in consultation with the Shenzhen news network beauty of the heart of everyone, but choose to do plastic surgery or to be cautious. This year, 24 year old Miss Chen (a pseudonym) is an administrative clerk, because the body is not very satisfied with the initiation of the idea of becoming better by plastic surgery. But after the operation did not achieve the desired effect, to persuade Miss Chen additional cost to achieve the desired effect through other ways to make the plastic surgery hospital, Miss Chen is very dissatisfied. Miss Chen: spend nearly 20 thousand yuan does not have any effect in June this year, the public Miss Chen saw the "Li Conrad lattice cosmetic plastic surgery hospital" advertising through the network, because you want to get into better, so Miss Chen came into contact with the Longgang district is located in the Pearl River Cheung Road International Center for plastic surgery hospital. "In June 27th I went to the hospital to do liposuction breast and thigh liposuction, Li Conrad lattice plastic surgery hospital promised that I can reach D in the preoperative chest Cup, thigh thin to about 36cm." Miss Chen told reporters "liposuction breast at a cost of 10 thousand yuan, 9500 yuan for the cost of their thigh liposuction." After the completion of the surgery, Miss Chen was full of hope that his body can achieve the desired effect. But I did not expect three months later, Ms. Chen found his body and no hospital commitment. "My chest and thigh circumference is basically no change." Plastic surgery hospital recommended pay to do surgery according to Miss Chen to reflect, after surgery just feel a little pain. After about 1 weeks of surgery, I went to the hospital to remove the incision line, and the doctor and the chest under the incision and the incision on the thigh pain, and chest and legs are no change. At that time, the doctor who operated on me said that this is a normal phenomenon, not because the time is not up to." Miss Chen said, "about 1 months later, I went to the hospital and the doctor Conrad Li Ge reflect my chest did not change, not thin legs, when the doctor told me to take 3 months to see results." 3 months later, found the chest and legs still no change, Miss Chen went to the plastic surgery hospital discussion to say. The hospital gave a free repair surgery program, but Miss Chen did not believe the other side of the technology, a refund, and plastic surgery hospital did not clear the refund time, only to say that the leadership will be submitted for approval. After the completion of the refund application a few days later, the plastic surgery hospital linked to Miss Chen said she could do breast prosthesis". "Just started to say that breast implants are free, and later became a number of material costs, I refused. A few days later, the hospital told me that my application was rejected." Miss Chen said. Plastic surgery hospital staff: are communication and consultation in October 29th, Jing Bao reporter came to the "Li Conrad lattice cosmetic plastic surgery hospital to interview the matter". In the face of a reporter, claiming to be responsible for the logistics department Yan相关的主题文章: