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The woman used to borrow money nude guarantee money is not credited against being blackmailed by the Yangtze Evening News Network September 19th news (reporter correspondent Gao Xuefeng Zhang Bin) Changzhou carved a woman borrow money through a network platform, the other party to the nude guarantee, the woman will be his nude for gospel truth, to each other, did not expect the other side not only transfers, but the use of nude the threat of the woman. Live in Changzhou Diao Zhuang Hu recently hand tight. More than 10 points in September 11th evening, happened to see someone she can handle small unsecured loans when browsing the web, it added to the other side of QQ, the two negotiated a loan of 3000 yuan in QQ, according to 25% interest. The other is proposed by WeChat a platform of a borrower IOU, IOU generated by WeChat. At the same time, the other side also proposed to be on the safe side, to provide a Nude Nude as a guarantee. Hu rushed to spend money, did not think so much, they agreed to the other side, will be made in the past. I did not expect the other party received after the photos did not immediately transfer, also asked Hu to charge the bill, after Hu refused to stop the other mobile phone as soon as an excuse to put forward second days to transfer, Hu promised. On the second day, Hu urged the other transfers, did not expect the other side to acknowledge, to make threats to nude, Hu also 3000 yuan, otherwise it will be released online nude. Not only that, the other side also according to Hu on the promissory note left on the guarantor number, called Hu’s family and friends, said Hu does not have to borrow money, they asked for repayment. The frightened little Hu came to Diao Zhuang police station, at present, the case is under further investigation. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: