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Why in 2017 gold prices will fall by 20%? Tencent financial news Beijing time on November 13th evening news, according to Investing website reported that with the gold and silver prices plummeted, investors are asking how much gold in the future will be. Here, we look at the price of gold in the chart of a large amount of information to infer the price of gold in 2017. Overall, the precious metals market has become very bad. Last week, gold prices recorded the biggest weekly loss since the 2013 crash. In addition, the precious metals sector leader of the gold and silver miners shares also suffered heavy losses last week. However, the mainstream media commentary, which is considered to be a barometer of public opinion, is still very mild. In some ways, this should be a bearish signal. Here are some of the headlines on Friday day, are in the price of gold fell two over the past 5% days, the price of silver fell nearly $15% and precious metals company’s share price plummeted more than 15% after the major news sites reported on the gold price. "The Wall Street journal" Investing: the price of gold fell to five month lows: the price of gold fell to lows near "observation" network market: the price of gold suffered the biggest single week decline in three years only the famous American financial website Seeking Alpha investment to predict the future price of gold will fall below $1000 an ounce. After analyzing the price behavior and investor sentiment, we come to the same conclusion: gold prices will fall below $1000 an ounce. Forecast: 2017 gold prices are likely to fall to $1000 an ounce. The current international gold price of $1227 an ounce, if it really fell to $1000, which means that the price of gold will fall about 20%. This week the gold price chart sent a clear signal. As can be seen from the first chart, the price of gold fell below $1250 an ounce of critical support. We can clearly see that the price of gold back to the downtrend line, which is consistent with the 2013 4-6 crash during the gold price curve. Through the chart we finally confirmed that the gold market is still in a long-term bear market, the price of gold will continue to fall to less than $1000 an ounce. In general, because gold has two sides, so investors will encounter difficulties in understanding the trend of gold. On the one hand, gold is an asset that can fight inflation, prices will rise with inflation expectations. On the other hand, the price of gold is very sensitive to fear, and it tends to rise when the stock market is filled with fear. The first half of 2016, as the stock market is full of fear, gold prices continue to rise. However, when fear no longer enveloped the entire stock market, gold prices will stop rising. In addition, gold seems to act as a hedge against inflation, investors should pay attention to this signal. (Yi Hai)相关的主题文章: