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Home-Securtiy When it .es to security matters, being able to control the flow of personnel on a business premises has huge advantages. That is the principal reason why amongst the considerable range of security equipment, access control technology ranks particularly highly. There are a number of access control products available that are easily installed and easy to maintain, some of which are available as part of cctv packages. The range begins with a standalone keypad and extends from video door entry devices to a fully networkable access control system that includes security software that allows the business owner to access the system remotely. Examples of standalone systems are .mon security keypads and card readers. These systems are wired to the locking system on the door itself, but is not controlled in any way from another location. So, as long the person seeking entrance has the right security number to input into the keypad, or has a security card that is suitably programmed and can be read by the card reader, entry can be achieved. Of course, this type of security feature is ideal for places where entry needs to be restricted, but where entry may be gained numerous times during the working day, or at night time. Stock rooms in supermarkets, and walk in refrigerators in restaurants are perfect examples where this option works best. The last thing that a manager needs is to be contacted every time staff members need to get stock or ingredients. For areas that are restricted and are only ever entered during regular working hours, the phone and camera phone option can be best. In both cases, entry must be granted by a person already inside. The person seeking entry will speak to the occupant and then be buzzed in. The buzzing, of course, notifies that the locking system has been deactivated providing a window of maybe 10 seconds in which entry is possible. The exterior unit can also include a camera to provide a clear image of the person seeking entry, allowing the occupant a chance to make a clear identification on the screen built into the phone unit. The camera often provides a black and white image, though colour imaging is also available. It is also possible to interconnect as many as three phone and screen .bination handsets inside with one exterior unit, thereby allowing entry to be granted from a number of locations inside. These systems are quite .monly used in residences, such as apartment .plexes, but they are high effective in businesses where strict entry restrictions are applied. For example, the .pany administrative offices where cash may be kept, or manufacturing .plexes where entry into research and development laboratories are a matter of high security. Of course, in the era that we live in, having remote access to security systems is highly convenient. Thanks to the development of access control software it is possible to view security images from thousands of miles away, so long as there is internet access. Therefore, a business owner who is abroad can be available to personnel seeking access into a restricted area for an unforeseen reason. More often than not, however, these networkable systems are accessed by people who are closer to home but wish to make full use of the detailed reports that such systems provide. Entry data can reveal precisely who is entering specific security areas, when they enter and when they exit the area. Such data can be ascertain from the proximity card readers that can be placed around a business premises, and which read and log individual cards whenever they .e into close proximity of the sensor. Staff members are rarely aware this is taking place, but through it a business owner can accurately track the movements of personnel. Not all of these forms of access control are .ponents in cctv packages , but they can be easily added to them or existing systems. Having a video door entry based security system is highly effective in maintaining security, greatly reducing the potential for an undesired event occurring by simply reducing the number of people permitted entry. For that reason alone, access control technology is one of the most important security equipment options on the market, and well worth the investment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: