Who it will take at least 18 months for the vaccine to come out-yvette yates

The World Health Organization: Zika virus vaccine still need at least 18 months – Beijing, Beijing, February 13,   according to the United Nations website news, WHO 12 experts said, spread of Zika virus associated with microcephaly disease still affects the world’s attention, but available prevention Zika virus vaccine needs at least 18 months. WHO said that the organization has card virus may be vaccine manufacturers are looking for zhai. So far, the organization found about 15 drug manufacturers or medical institutions are trying to overcome the difficulties of Zika virus vaccine. The two institutions in the United States and India to work in this field seems to be in a leading position. Health officials said the vaccine really available, Kiel, still need to wait for a long time. She pointed out that the current stage of experiment is still at a very basic level, before entering the next stage in the effectiveness and immunogenicity level have a lot of work to do to expand production, toxicity. This is why we estimate the fastest mass check time to wait for almost 18 months. Zika virus vaccine can be divided into two types: one is the so-called "live attenuated vaccine" two "vaccine", second vaccines are most likely to be put into use, because the latter constitutes the minimum risk for pregnant women. The World Health Organization says, is another major task of the organization is to find whether the infection diagnosis method of Zika virus. But it needs work time is relatively short, probably take a few weeks. At the same time, the WHO on 12 travelers in the prevention of Zika virus suggestions. The suggestion that the tourists should continue to understand the Zika virus and other mosquito borne diseases, such as doubts, please inquire to the local health department and travel. In order to avoid the risk of Zika virus and other mosquito borne diseases, everyone should take preventive measures. Pregnant women or women planning a pregnancy should follow the recommendations, if there have been to travel Zika virus epidemic area, also can inquire the health department of residence. The World Health Organization says, as a precautionary measure, in some countries, the government may according to their own judgment on the evidence and the local risk factors, put forward the public health and travel advice for its own people. But according to existing evidence, who does not recommend for Zika virus take any travel or trade restrictions. 世卫组织:寨卡病毒疫苗问世至少还需18个月时间-中新网   中新网2月13日电  据联合国网站消息,世界卫生组织的专家12日表示,寨卡病毒的传播和与之相关的小头畸形病症依然牵动着整个世界的注意力,但预防寨卡病毒的疫苗的面世至少还需要18个月的时间。   世界卫生组织表示,该组织已在物色寨卡病毒可能的疫苗制造商。迄今为止,该组织发现大约有15个药品制造商或诊疗机构正在试图攻克寨卡病毒疫苗这一难关。其中美国和印度的两家机构在这一领域的工作似乎处于领先位置。   卫生组织官员基尔尼表示,疫苗真正面世还需要等待很长的一段时间。她指出,目前实验阶段还处在一个非常基本的水平,在进入下一阶段之前,在扩大生产、毒性实验、效力和免疫原性水平方面还有许多工作要做。这也就是为什么我们估计最快大规模检验功效的时间还要等待差不多18个月的时间。   寨卡病毒疫苗可以分为两种:一是所谓的“减毒活疫苗”二是“灭活疫苗”,第二种疫苗最有可能投入使用,因为后者对于怀孕妇女构成的风险最小。   世卫组织表示,目前该组织所从事的另一项主要任务是找到诊断是否感染寨卡病毒的方法。而这一工作所需要的时间则相对较短,大概需要几个星期的时间。   与此同时,世界卫生组织12日就旅行者在防范寨卡病毒方面提出建议。建议指出,旅行者应当不断了解寨卡病毒和其它蚊媒疾病情况,如存有疑虑,请向当地卫生和旅行部门问询。为避免罹患寨卡病毒和其它蚊媒疾病,人人都应采取预防措施。孕妇或者计划怀孕的妇女应当遵循建议,若前往已经出现寨卡病毒疫情的地区旅行,也可向其居住地卫生部门问询。   世卫组织表示,作为一项预防性措施,有些国家政府可能会根据自己对已有证据和当地危险因素的评判,对其本国民众提出公共卫生和旅行建议。但根据现有证据,世卫组织并不建议针对寨卡病毒病采取任何旅行或贸易限制措施。相关的主题文章: