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Fashion-Style It is a fact that men are concerned about their hair. They fuss over the hair when it falls, or stat turning gray, and, according to the study undertaken by Head and Shoulders, almost twenty-nine percent of men say that they fret about dandruff. Maybe you are one of them. If so, then you possibly know that dandruff a frequent problem for the scalp distinguished by either dry skin flaking or oil, which have the annoying habit of falling down on to your clothes. For guys who desire must to look their finest, this unfortunate health problem can be distressing. If you have experienced this irritating and itchy condition, we may not be the ones to give you advice on what is the best shampoo for your scalp issue. But for sure we can provide you with a few tips and suggestions when it .es to covering those white flakes falling on your shoulders and to save you from awkwardness. First, when it .es to camouflaging the white flakes falling from your hair, whenever possible stay away from adorning plain or solid dress shirt which have darker shades. Especially on black dress shirt , if you are not cautious your shoulders may resemble the site like Santa’s workshop after you have thoroughly scratched your scalp. Choose a chevron or light design assorted with white patches of gingham, instead of deciding on a black monochrome custom tailored shirt . Patterns like these are better prepared to hide unsightly flakes of dandruff. Radiant colors such as white or gray can also work in a dash for disguising flakes from the scalp. Although these tips are not a 100% reliable under close supervision, at a first date of a job interview, but for a quick peek, they should help you keep your poise. Of course, these are only temporary tricks to hide those white flakes and rescue you from the embarrassment of poorly maintained hair. You should check with a dermatologist to really address this problem. With wardrobe which is well-stocked and a few carefully chosen custom made dress shirt , you may keep on looking good until you scalp has been treated and is back to being healthy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: