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Customer Service If you are an employer and want to hire new staff, then you might be wondering just how you can find out useful information about future employees such as previous addresses, names and even criminal records. Well, you can do this by running a pre employment background check. But what is this? A background check is when you take a snippet of information about somebody, such as a name and then you enter it into a background checker website to find out details about the person you are searching. This service can be helpful for a number of reasons, especially if you are an employer. You can find out information such as previous names and addresses, household member information, past employment and even criminal record details. This type of information can be very beneficial when you are an employer because it can help you to discover whether or not a person is trustworthy, reliable and suitable for the position you are offering them. A lot of large companies will request a background check for pre employment screening nowadays and if you are an employee who is curious about this then you can even run a background check on yourself to see what information it comes up with! It is nothing to worry about and it is a pretty standard thing for companies to do and is mainly just to check that you are who you say you are; just because you have had a speeding ticket in the past doesnt mean it is going to stop you from getting that job you are applying for! There are many helpful websites which can offer pre employment background checks for as little as a few cents per search. Or for a one off payment, you can become an annual member and run as many background checks on as many different people as you like, and you will not be charged again! You can then discover a lot of very helpful and informative information which can include; names, marriage details, addresses, household member information, criminal records, credit reports and more depending on which type of website you opt for. Remember, a background check is something which a lot of companies are now doing simply as part of the hiring protocol; it is nothing to fear because it is just something that is required by most employees nowadays. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: