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"Westward journey 3" first exposure theme song   jikejuan escape passion sing – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn directed by Jeffrey Lau, starring Tang Yan, Han Geng, Karen Mok, Wu Jing, Hu Jing, guest star of the "Westward Journey" series of films "westward journey 3" will be held on September 15th in the autumn festival at the national release. Today, the first exposure "love life" theme song, jikejuan escape DEDECATES perform, magnetic voice songs hot and sad emotional expression was most incisive interpretation of the truth, strike a deep chord. Gold music together new masterpiece touching movie today, "westward journey 3" heavy launch theme song "love life" Cantonese version of the song by singing jikejuan escape, "love life" original music composer Lowell Lo, lyricist Tang Shuchen fill in Cantonese lyrics, the perfect combination of re shot exciting. 20 years ago, sung by Lowell Lo and composer, Tang Shuchen ‘s "love life" with its sorrow Qiqie melody, lyrics watch people’s impression, a generation of classic love songs. 20 years later, again the two surgeon for the "westward journey 3" new creation, after years of precipitation, and I love them for Daisy has also further interpretation, new "love life" the rhythm of tenderness and without losing the strong, the lyrics also add a profound meaning in deep and delicate besides, breathtaking melodies and intriguing lyrics will be fierce collision, "big" lovers love is very outstanding in place. In addition, the "love life" the Mandarin version will also be synchronized on-line, many gold music co operated, the song will become this year’s most touching love songs. Jikejuan escape stunning open throat soulful singing "big" love "as part of a journey to the west" inseparable, "love life" depicts the helpless and sad feeling a deep love and remembrance of lovers after 20 years, the new song "love life" in the harsh tone of a more strong and persistent, and jikejuan escape unique voice is very suitable for the song style, a low to high rises, the full power of the voice intoxicated, complex emotional progressive concert will also continue to change behaved most incisive. In addition, this theme has seemed to love it and the course that the lyrics are daisy, miss the love of your life but also contains sadness, regret love wandering through the vicissitudes truth dedication, at the end of the rising tune the transmission of love eternal faith, emotional changes complicated people full of wonder, two who created the strange love will usher in what the outcome, the love of each other’s lovers can get married, all sorts of doubts people guessing, but all the answers will be 15 in September full moon night of the ultimate announced. It is reported that the film "westward journey 3" by Han Geng, starring Tang Yan, Karen Mok, Wu Jing, Hu Jing starred in friendship, in the spring and Autumn period, Leroy entertainment, film star alliance led by Beijing, Zoran company issued in Tianjin, the Milky Way culture media Co., Ltd. jointly issued on September 15th, the film will be the Mid Autumn Festival in 2D 3D, IMAX, Chinese immersive sound, 4DX, ScreenX, MX4D format on the big screen. (commissioning editor: Jiang Bo, Lee)相关的主题文章: