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The Virtual Training System: Redefining The Concept Of Training Posted By: Rosario Berry Most organizations and employers have the responsibility of training their employees or personnel to ensure that their organizations processes and functions can move smoothly and productively. Training employees to handle indoor office situations may not be too complex of a task. Yet, it’s an entirely different matter, when it comes to training people for handling complicated situations like disasters or wars. Similarly, providing on-the-job trainings for handling highly sophisticated equipment like aircraft or ships aren’t safe or economic. It is in these kinds of situations that the Virtual Training System acts as a really suitable training tool. Providing training for handling crucial and expensive equipment Expensive machineries and devices require well skilled personnel for their operation. Yet, it’s neither easy nor ideal to allow newbies to train directly on such devices. The slightest mistakes in handling such equipment could prove to be very costly. This is where Virtual Training System could come to use as an ideal tool for providing the complete training to employees. By allowing trainees to work and be tested until they are fully capable, the Virtual Training System ensures a risk-free and economic environment for training people.

Virtual training system Have Fun With The Nyc Virtual Reality Home System Posted By: Carol_moore In the recent years we have been witnessing a plethora of gizmos and gadgets that that were developed with the sole purpose of providing hi-tech entertainment to the tech savvy people around, one such very innovative, interactive and interesting form of entertainment is the NYC virtual reality home system. These home systems are technological advancements with a huge versatility and have certain path breaking advancements and very striking features, apart from being A-one corporate entertainment and providing a sense of pride and thrill to their users they are great trainers. The NYC virtual reality home system comes with a virtual training system that helps the user learn about fitness and other aspects. The best part about these systems are that they very user friendly and that is the reason for their popularity, whatever you start learning , seeing or practicing through the NYC virtual home reality system, you instantly master it and that too right in the luxury of your homes.

corporate entertainment Robots As Threat To Human Workers Posted By: Andrew Newell The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe concluded in its 2003 Robotics Survey that robots are among the worlds most in demand commodities. Sectors demanding robots include industrial plants, science and technology, research, medicine and household work. Growth rates for sales in 2003 reached 35% in North America, 25% in Europe and 18% in Asia. Robots in the manufacturing industry have been equated as the number of robots per 10,000 workers. In the motor manufacturing, it can be predicted to have 1 robot as replacement for 10 workers. This brings us to the level of competency and accuracy in terms of jobs done by robots and by human workers. Robots have been employed in application from food to automobiles. Japan has been the leading country in utilizing robots, however in 2003 the United States spent $877 million in buying robots for material handling in factories. The automotive industry has used C flexrobots for odd and dangerous jobs before but now even the simplest tasks such as installation and welding are being automated. Industry sectors employing robots In food manufacturing and assembly, Adept Robots, can make 75 to 125 Oreo cookies a minutes.

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