Vietnam postponed the approval of TPP German media give the United States a slap in the face-diying

Vietnam delayed TPP German media: give us a loud slap data figure: U. S. aegis destroyers to visit Vietnam Da Nang original title: Yue will postpone the approval of TPP German media: Vietnam gave a loud "slap" outgoing president Obama think in the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) acquisition the breakthrough of political heritage becomes more and more difficult. According to the British Reuters reported on 16, originally considered will become the first approved one of the agreement countries of Vietnam, has postponed the approval process, referred to as the United States will decide the election results. The report quoted sources as saying that Vietnam will open in October 20th, in the next round of meetings in Vietnam congressional approval, TPP was not in the schedule, "because the government submitted to Congress a proposal is not complete". This means that Vietnam will be approved by the agreement until the end of the November presidential election a few months later. Vietnam Youth Daily "quoted the country’s Congress Chairman Nguyen Silver said, although Vietnam is a founding member of the TPP, but still need to consider the approval of reference and other countries, and the American presidential election results on the effect of TPP, will make the relevant assessment, after discussion and then make a decision. Obama said he was confident that TPP will be approved by Congress before leaving office, but the two presidential candidates, Hilary and MR, are against TPP. 16, Obama met with Ohio governor Kacic at the white house. Kacic ran for the Republican presidential candidate. Reuters said, this unusual move shows how Obama is tried to push TPP approved in the United States congress. He discussed how to eliminate the fear of TPP in the domestic politics. Accompanied Kacic to the White House as well as a number of business and political leaders, including U.S. Republican former finance minister Paulson, the United States IBM company president Luo Ruilan and former New York Mayor Michael bloomberg. Obama has been eager to request cacic support. U.S. media reported that Kacic said after the talks, TPP is critical to the U.S. economy and the fight against China and russia. At the meeting before the start, Obama in the office of the president told reporters, "now, China is trying to promote their own trade agreement, U.S. companies have been" out of risk in Asia ", Chinese will not set up a series of rules to protect the interests of us business. Deutsche Welle said, to "push" the olive branch is the "lame duck" Obama TPP last ditch, but Vietnam has given TPP a resounding slap in the face".相关的主题文章: