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Business The Revenue Management System, Remit, is a cost effective, user friendly & .prehensive solution which integrates the entire spectrum of work under Revenue Management of Electricity & Gas Transmission and Distribution through dedicated modules that ensures immediate and substantial returns. Remit is a suite of products for delivering seamless enterprise solution for an electric utility covering 1. Tacit: Consumer registration 2. Integrator: Automatic Meter Reading 3. Billit: Billing and Collection 4. GeoNetwoRx: Geographical Information Based Network drawing 5. Enerlyser: System Analysis & Audit Meter Reading System The meter reading system provides a scalable, multi-vendor, data collection system for meter readings over variety of .munication media like GSM, GPRS, PSTN, CDMA, etc. It is an intelligent system designed to read a large number of electricity and gas meters. The system produces the output in an industry standard format and can be easily integrated with third party systems. Billing & Collection System A .prehensive billing system ensures that the utility bills its customers for the services rendered through timely and accurate invoices, proper revenue collection, continuous billing to reduce the debtor days and .plaints handling for billing related queries, with an inbuilt module for Bill Quality Check; before generating bills. The Payment Collection System supports multiple modes of payment, like Cash, Cheque, and Direct Debit (DD) etc. It allows payment at Collection Counters, Chequeor DD Drop boxes, authorized collection centers, Credit or Debit cards etc. Payment Consolidation and Revenue Recovery systems are optional and are extended modules of the Billing System to en.pass a broader area of utility billing and revenue collection process. System Analysis & Audit This product performs energy accounting and audit to find loss for feeders, Distribution Transformers, administrative areas like circle, division or even substations. It needs meter reading data and can model network documentation drawing or single line diagram. The product imports the end consumer billing and revenue collection data, using this it calculates the T&D loss (total energy loss) and AT&C Loss (revenue loss). It performs Load Flow analysis to derive the Technical Loss in the network, hence segregates the technical and non-technical loss from the total loss. This product gives the trend of loss over a period of time. ESL India Ltd, a research and development .pany is part of the Entity Group. Today it is the largest R&D .pany in the metering industry. Apart from metering and related products, it also develops products, systems and solutions in other areas of utility like revenue management, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), .munication etc. that allow group .panies to meet the needs of the customer. ESL works at the forefront of technology and prides itself in providing cutting edge solutions. It pioneered frequency based metering in India in 1995 and has not looked back since; the innovation journey goes on. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: