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United star battled enemy warm heart boy fancy cheer – Tian MX entertainment Tian Mingxin Sohu prepare for the activities of Sohu Tian Mingxin entertainment news on Friday night, "see you" about sixth Star Alliance, this program changed the past joy funny style, full of tension, the strength of the opponent feel the pressure star family therefore, Tian Mingxin to coach for the first opportunity, in order to help the team out. Although ultimately missed the first, but in the field he is harder, while his teammates cheer while not forgetting to comfort Feng Hanpu, warm heart boy love incarnate. Tian Mingxin missed the first field is still in the "fight" the difficult game officially started, followed by natural is a new round of high intensity training. In training, Tian Mingxin to the coach to join the lineup. The horse said on the field to guide must challenge Li Wenhan, and for the next PK, Tian Mingxin did best, but in the end due to accidental fall, did not get the opportunity to start, regardless of the outcome, the hard work ahead of the energy movement is touched by the audience. Tian Mingxin also did not forget the field is a member of the Star Alliance, although it can not play, but always try to cheer for his teammates! Sometimes with a towel waving in the basket; and sometimes the staged "chicken" to stop attacking each other; and follow Wang Xun and Liang Chao on the sidelines cheering, naughty cute adorable all over. Friends shouted "field can also become your home court, the visiting team is acting up you are cute to eat unable to resist sustain the blows, grow up, how can you be so adorable". Tian Mingxin comfort the injured teammate micro-blog interactive game because the Brotherhood was Feng Hanpu sent off, he was feeling very hurt. See Tian Mingxin after very worried, first time to go to ask Feng Hanpu situation, side hand towel edge comfort, tell the Rev down Hanpu. In Feng Hanpu hand cramps, Tian Mingxin is very nervous, anxious to go to call the doctor. The program users have said, thank you for taking care of Han Garden, two people are the good child". In the program, Tian and Feng Hanpu are close teammates, the program is still a good friend. Two micro-blog is more interactive, attracted a large number of users to watch, was friends dubbed the most adorable height difference combination". Basketball let Tian Mingxin grow, also let it harvest sincere friendship.   相关的主题文章: