Tycoon and palace made up laughing and talking to attend the activities-htc802w

The palace tycoon and reconciled laughing and talking to attend the activities Sina entertainment news according to Hongkong media reported on September 26th, Sun Entertainment boss Zhou Zhuohua (a Chinese rice) with "only" week too (wash rice sister-in-law) Macao Chen Huiling Festival, a British fly with his girlfriend Mandy Lieu to eat ice cream, wash rice Huale do trapeze, he today in Sheung Wan Shun Tak Center together washing sister-in-law attended the Macao opening ceremony with a square, and Cally Kwong (Cally), Jia Xiaochen [micro-blog] (JJ), Jacqueline Chong, Liu Weihuang, former member of the Peng Huaian EO2 (Eddie) and Natalis Chan. Wash the rice washing together our sister-in-law appeared, sister-in-law also wash the rice with a 1 year old "millet girl" Zhou Shantong (Damiana) arrived at the scene, wash rice Hua sister holding the whole millet female Damiana standing in the back washing rice China, Damiana like kiss again. Wash the rice with the rice washing at first Chinese sister-in-law together cut the ribbon, the first face embarrassment, indifference and no washing sister-in-law smile, then wash komehana active open chat, watching the lion dance, wash rice Sao first smile, wash the rice washing our sister-in-law turned funny daughter to play from time to time, wash the rice Hua sister found media kuangpai millet female, she reached for the face covering camera shy niece. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: