Tianjin second-hand housing volume price down last week, but prices will still have uplink space-e2140

Tianjin second-hand housing turnover last week price drop but the price will still have upside as of September 14th this year, second-hand private residential city sold a total of 127113 more than last year’s record. According to statistics, 2015 Tianjin second-hand private residential total turnover of 120259 units, up 72.9%, a record. After three days of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the city last week the price of second-hand housing turnover decreased, the average daily turnover of more than 800 units. According to the city Guotufangguan "Daily" price data show that as of September 14th this year, the city’s second-hand private residential total turnover of 127113 units, more than last year’s record. According to statistics, 2015 Tianjin second-hand private residential total turnover of 120259 units, up 72.9%, a record. Small holiday period, advisory intermediary shop with the previous weekend compared has improved, but the volume declined. "Holiday into the store about passenger traffic rose about 30%. Although the Advisory increase, but the area listings basically digested, relatively scarce, plus the effect of holidays, resulting in a certain volume decreased." The real world in Hexi district director Zhang Meng said: "recently many homeowners raised the listing price, especially the price of about 3 million yuan of housing, some homeowners raised in the range of 15% to 25%. There are more than 30% of the owners choose to wait and see is not real, so the market in the sale of houses less." On the whole, by mid September the city’s second-hand housing turnover has exceeded the total last year, Albert I love my home market research center analysis, on the one hand, since this year the land market and the new commodity housing market active, driven by the area of second-hand housing market so that the passive value of customer transactions will increase. On the other hand, the loose monetary policy, reducing the threshold of buyers into the market, to improve the type of demand in the market actively, promote the volume expansion. In addition, the city settled policy of integration has attracted many foreign buyers settled in Tianjin home, also injected new vitality into the market, stimulate market activity continues to rise. Zhang Meng said that the recent buyers recognition of homeowners behavior, also contributed to the direct cause of the current price increases, with the amount of housing shortage is expected to gradually, the second half of September second-hand housing turnover will be reduced, but the price is still upside. (reporter Chen)

天津二手房上周成交量价齐降 但价格依然会有上行空间   截至9月14日,今年本市二手私产住宅共成交127113套,超过去年全年纪录。据统计,2015年天津二手私产住宅共成交120259套,环比上涨72.9%,创下历史纪录。   经过三天中秋小长假,上周本市二手房成交量价均有所降低,日均成交在800套以上。据市国土房管局《每日房价》数据显示,截至9月14日,今年本市二手私产住宅共成交127113套,超过去年全年纪录。据统计,2015年天津二手私产住宅共成交120259套,环比上涨72.9%,创下历史纪录。   小长假期间,中介门店的咨询量同以往周末相比有所提升,但成交量不升反降。“假期进店咨询的客流大约上涨了30%左右。虽然咨询量增加,但区域内的房源基本都被消化,比较紧缺,加上假期影响,造成成交量有一定下降。”房天下河西大区总监张蒙表示:“最近有不少房主上调挂牌价格,特别是总价在300万元左右的房源,部分房主上调幅度在15%至25%。还有三成以上的房主选择观望暂不卖房,这样市场上的在售房源量越来越少。”   从整体来看,到九月中旬本市二手房成交量就已突破了去年全年总量,伟业我爱我家市场研究中心分析认为,一方面,今年以来土地市场和新建商品住宅市场活跃,带动各片区二手房源被动升值,从而使得市场中客户的交易意愿升高。另一方面,宽松的信贷政策,降低了购房者入市门槛,促使改善型需求积极入市,带动成交量扩大。此外,本市积分落户政策吸引了不少外地购房者在津落户置业,也为市场注入新活力,刺激市场活跃度不断走高。张蒙表示,近期购房者对房主调价行为的认可,也是促成目前房价上涨的直接原因,随着房源量逐步紧缺,预计9月后半月二手房成交量会有所减少,但价格依然会有上行空间。(记者 陈�)相关的主题文章: