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Tianjin open selection and transferring 129 civil servants – Beijing Xinhua Tianjin November 5th news (reporter Zhang Hua Ying) learned from the Tianjin City People Club Bureau reporter on 2016 in Tianjin city before transferring civil servants and public open selection work has already started, the open selection and transferring public plan selection of 129 civil servants, the registration adopts recommended personal wishes with the combination of the organization. Tianjin City People Club bureau responsible person, the open selection position for leadership positions at the municipal authorities and the level of non leadership positions, a total of 104 general grassroots organs in the series in the post civil servants or the civil service law and management personnel. Transferring public positions including the municipal authorities level positions and district and town level authority leadership positions, a total of 25, the scale of objects for state-owned enterprises workers, some jobs also allow qualified civil servants to enroll in. Meet the conditions of civil servants or state-owned enterprises and institutions of the staff can log in Tianjin city human resources and Social Security Bureau website announcement and related policies, query information and job position qualifications etc..相关的主题文章: