Think Positive In Your Work-yuria

Business Do you remember a time when you were more enthusiastic in your work? Even passionate? When you felt you could make a difference? When every day was another opportunity? If that has faded over time, perhaps it’s time to think positive. Would you like to feel that way again? What can think positive give you? By thinking positively you can have: improved performance, more productivity, better teamwork and less stress. Thinking positively helps you: stay focused on solutions and get the job done; give yourself the chance to succeed; be clear about your team’s strengths and make the most of them; be a role model (and even an inspiration) to those around you; know what you want and what you need and also know that you are entitled to ask for both. The first step is attitude. The step is to ‘think positive’. As a busy manager or executive your are beset by conflicting issues: KPIs, targets, team performance, corporate politics, staff development, customer demands, etc., etc. When was the last time you thought to yourself, "We can’t do this; it’s too much."? Were you right? Probably. What if your starting point had been, "We can do this, I just don’t know how yet."? The first attitude shuts down the problem and expects failure. The second attitude invites success. The second attitude is thinking positively. The way forward might be straightforward, it might be convoluted and .plex. But if you begin by believing there is no way forward then you certainly won’t find it. We find what we expect to find. If you tell yourself, "We can’t." then you won’t. Thinking positively is believing otherwise – knowing that the solution is there, waiting for you and your team to create it. By way of analogy, in martial arts there is not only the action (the blow, the block, the push, the throw) there is also the intent behind the action. Without the correct intent, the action is empty and likely to fail. In your work, what is your intent? Are you focussed on where you want your career to be? Do you project your team towards a successful future? Or are your actions empty and by rote? Thinking positively is not self-delusion. It is not ignoring the facts. It is not a magic spell or good luck charm. Thinking positively does not guarantee success – success depends on you. However, with a ‘think positive’ frame of mind, you are more open to opportunities, more aware of the benefits in every situation and interaction, you are looking for success. Think positive gives you the motivation to make your success happen and so you are more likely to succeed. It is as simple and difficult as that. What kind of manager or executive do you want to be? How do you want others to see you? Nobody wants to be seen as defeated or depressed. The people around you want hope and motivation. By thinking positively you can give them that hope and motivation and move forward together. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: