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The Xinhua editorial WeChat cash charges: Micro services don’t become too wild hair Xinhua Beijing 16 February Xinhua: Internet micro services don’t become "yanguobamao"   Xinhua News Agency reporter Xiao Haichuan, Liu Huaipi   WeChat Group intends to disclose on the day before WeChat account cash charges, the news quickly became the network focus. Under the background of free transfers of bank nets in many banks, the "retrograde" WeChat inevitably causes public anxiety and anxiety. In the process of deep integration and innovation with the livelihood of the people, the Internet companies should put their vision in the long run, while at the same time more wisdom.   as a "catfish" in the economic sector, the Internet economy has been high hopes. WeChat sits on hundreds of millions of users, its function has long been beyond the scope of social, become a generalist in life, the stickiness of the user is getting stronger and stronger.   WeChat team said that the cash charge is not to pursue revenue move, but to pay bank charges. But for users, the rate of 0.1% of the charges, each pay at least 0.1 yuan threshold, the high frequency is the small withdrawal service has become stuck in the throat.   the State Council on actively promoting the "Internet +" action guidance clearly put forward, give full play to the Internet’s efficient, convenient advantages, improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce service consumption costs. How to increase the cost of service consumption by adding new charging items to users’ common services? Scenery long vision. Although the rate of 0.1% seems small, but reflects the traditional livelihood industry and the emerging Internet industry how to leveraging each other, to achieve a big problem facing each other. If the confined to their own third of an acre, just from the "boom or Bust robbing the body, eventually forced the public vote with their feet.   one enterprise development way has many kinds, but "yanguobamao" strategy that is not a permanent solution and optimal plan. Facing the Internet market full of competition and high liberalization, the innovative spirit of "people without me, people with me", sincere service of Internet users can not change the initial heart. Only on the service of more thinking, rather than rely on the accumulation of viscosity, inertia, reckless forward, such Internet products and services can go further. (end) 新华社评微信提现收费:微服务别搞成雁过拔毛   新华社北京2月16日电题:互联网微服务别搞成“雁过拔毛”    新华社记者萧海川、刘怀丕    微信团队日前透露拟对微信账号提现收取手续费,这一消息迅速成为网络关注热点。在多家银行网银免费转账的背景下,“逆行”的微信难免引发公众不安与焦虑。在与民生领域深度融合创新的过程中,互联网企业要将眼光放长远,同时多一些智慧。    作为经济板块中的“鲶鱼”,互联网经济被寄予厚望。微信坐拥数亿用户,其功能早已逾越社交的范畴,成为生活中的多面手,对用户的黏性越来越强。    微信团队表示,提现交易收费并非追求营收之举,而是用于支付银行手续费。但对用户来说,费率0.1%的收费标准、每笔至少支付0.1元的门槛,令本是小额高频的提现服务变得如鲠在喉。    国务院关于积极推进“互联网+”行动的指导意见明确提出,充分发挥互联网的高效、便捷优势,提高资源利用效率,降低服务消费成本。对用户常用服务添加新的收费项目,降低服务消费成本从何谈起呢?   风物长宜放眼量。0.1%的费率虽看上去不多,但折射出的是传统民生行业与新兴互联网业如何相互借力、实现相向而行的大问题。倘若各家囿于自己的一亩三分地,只想从“过路财神”身上揩油,最终只能迫使公众用脚投票。    一个企业发展壮大的途径有很多种,但“雁过拔毛”的战略恐怕不是长久之计、最优之计。面对充满竞争、高度自由化的互联网市场,“人无我有、人有我优”的创新精神、真心服务网民的初心不能改变。只有在服务上多花心思,而不是依靠积累的黏性、惯性鲁莽前行,这样的互联网产品和服务才能走得更远。(完)相关的主题文章: