The United States of Iran met the Persian Gulf ship dangerous fire

The United States of Iran ship dangerous Persian Gulf " " meet the fire warning The Pentagon said in the United States Navy ships sailing in the Persian Gulf after Iran ship approaching provocation, the boat was forced to open fire and fire warning. According to voice of America radio website reported on August 26th, in a 24 day event in the US patrol boats in a Iran ship head-on when approaching another U.S. ships, three times to Iran ship water warning shots. The United States Department of Defense spokesman Peter · Cook 25, told reporters that the Iran ship into the range of 182 meters, the storm, and ignore the bridge to bridge several radio call and warning signal, finally turned the direction of the ship. Cook said, the navy soldiers on the ship that these incidents are not safe. These events are in danger of escalation and we don’t want to see any way of upgrading. Our ships have been in the area for many years." U.S. officials said the ship Iran ship had 24 days before the storm, harassment in the same waters from the USS stout high-speed shuttle three times. These incidents involved Iran ships and the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet of ships, which lasted several days. In addition to the wind and storm, two patrol ships, but also relates to Nietzsche and USS stout. Fifth Fleet spokesman Keith said Iran, ignoring Nietzsche vessels harassed several radio, whistle and fire warning. He described Iran’s behavior as "unsafe, unprofessional, and unconventional."". But Iran is still arrogant about the u.s.. Iran’s semi official Nimes news agency quoted Hossain ·, general Dahegan as saying, "if any foreign ship comes into our waters, we warn them. If it’s an invasion, we’ll fight them." He also said that Iran ships in their possession sea patrols to monitor traffic and foreign ships.相关的主题文章: