The United States has a variety of classroom teachers actually took the children to the supermarket

The United States has a variety of classroom teachers actually took the children to the supermarket to write this article is entirely due to the end of a lot of classes at the end of a Field Trip. In fact, the location of this trip is very common, is a supermarket. But on this trip is really super sense of education, is a very typical feature of American primary school education pattern.   the content of this trip is to go to the supermarket to buy lunch that day. Children 5-6 group of people, a person assigned to two dollars, a group of 10-12 dollars, and the teacher also asked to buy food to be healthy. I heard this feel so much money, so many children can buy what, not to mention health, I feel this task a bit challenging. Field Trip before the teacher asked them to each group to browse the supermarket promotional advertising (below), to plan what to buy, see what discount can save money, make a overall budget. There is not only a plan in advance, but also involves the teaching of mathematics, including the measurement unit measurement, unit price cost per unit package is cheaper or find a cheaper price tag is $1.79, two fruit a fruit or cost $0.9 worth. There are children to compare their own brand products (name brand) and the general trademark protection products (generic) price differences. At the store, you can also learn weighing, also can be used add, subtract, multiply and divide, and decimal addition and subtraction, estimate your budget is not enough to pay the sum to buy goods, the tax rate of the concept and so on.  : one of the things that the children have to do before they go is to look at the way the map goes to the supermarket, and select the nearest one. Map Reading is a learning content of Sociology (Social Study). After the supermarket flyers to the supermarket, the children planned to buy the ingredients, but also read food labels on the nutritional ingredients of read nutritional labels. A lot of their group buying is Roast Chicken (protein source) and a bag of small meal packages (carbohydrates) as staple food. Also bought grapes and plums (vitamins, minerals). They originally planned to buy some drinks, and later changed his mind in the supermarket, decided to go back to school to drink white water, save money to buy some fruit. At the end of the day, the children spent their money in the budget and had to say that the decision of the child was very reasonable. Back to school, around the supermarket line and began the speech and writing training. Each group should be in class to talk about what they buy, and according to the purchase price of food, nutrition and food by the child’s degree of popularity of the three aspects of why they buy things is the best choice. Debate and oral (after trip): team will their prchase, and make the C present (communication).相关的主题文章: