The offshore renminbi weakness before the RMB will be steady analyst G20-tianbi

The offshore renminbi weakness before the RMB will be steady analyst G20 FX168 hearing on Tuesday (February 16th) New York time, the offshore renminbi weakness to around 6.52, due to the overall strength of the dollar, almost unchanged from onshore rmb. In the area of London traders pointed out that with the decline in the cost of RMB short selling, offshore renminbi transactions rose. Analysts believe that China will maintain the stability of the Renminbi before the G20 finance ministers meeting. Mizuho Bank (Mizuho Bank) strategist Ken Cheung in a report to clients, pointed out that in February 2627th before the G20 finance ministers meeting, the central bank China (PBOC) will maintain the stability of RMB, to reduce by about China foreign exchange policy criticism and discussion. The report points out that, given the weakness of China’s exports, China does not want the renminbi to rise again. On Tuesday, China’s central currency was lowered to adjust the excessive rise in onshore renminbi on Monday. The report further pointed out that the rapid growth of China’s credit in January is not a good signal, because the risk of non-performing loans is high. Macquarie economist Hu Weijun believes that the strong credit data is far from changing China’s economic situation. The authorities may continue to provide liquidity to the financial system with bank loans as the main medium. Onshore Renminbi dollar fell 0.37% to 6.5183 decline, the highest since January 7th, on Tuesday fell 4.3% to $13 billion 900 million bank turnover. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

离岸人民币走软 分析师料G20前人民币将持稳   FX168讯 周二(2月16日)纽约时段,离岸人民币走软至6.52附近,因美元整体走强,几乎与在岸人民币持平。   驻伦敦地区交易员指出,随着人民币做空成本下降,离岸人民币卖盘交易上升。分析师认为G20财长会议之前,中国将维持人民币稳定。   瑞穗银行(Mizuho Bank)策略师Ken Cheung在发给客户的报告中指出,在2月26 27日G20财长会议召开之前,中国央行(PBOC)将维持人民币稳定,以减少届时关于中国外汇政策方面的批评和讨论。   报告指出,考虑到中国出口仍然疲弱,中国不希望让人民币重新走上升值通道。周二中国人民币将中间价下调,旨在调整周一在岸人民币过度的上扬。   报告进一步指出,中国1月快速增长的信贷并不是一个好的信号,因不良贷款的风险高企。   麦格理经济学家胡伟俊认为,强劲的信贷数据还远不能改变中国的经济现状。当局可能将继续以银行贷款为主要媒介,向金融系统提供流动性。   在岸人民币兑美元收跌0.37%至6.5183,跌幅为1月7日以来最高,周二在岸成交量下跌4.3%至139亿美元。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: