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The official website of the fictional Gang cheated 1 million yuan blackmail and impose exactions on 2 months of the original title: the fictional official website for malicious complaints two man was arrested by Foshan Police Information Times News (reporter Lin Dan correspondent Xia Min Cao Wei) with the help of the Internet and the protection mechanism of "Internet malicious complaints", forcing the website registrant to pay money. Recently, Foshan police successfully cracked the country’s first use of the rights protection mechanism of the Internet, blackmail and impose exactions on arrested 2 suspects cases. In May this year, an internet shop owner Zhang found that the shop displayed pictures of goods being infringed as a violation of the intellectual property rights of a garment factory in Guangzhou, and its merchandise information and other links are deleted. Zhang in accordance with the complaint manufacturers official website to stay on the QQ number to get in touch with the other party, the other party asked Mr. Zhang to pay 5000 yuan license fee, as the revocation of complaints. In desperation, Mr. Zhang chose to pay to avoid greater losses. In August this year, Foshan police found that the use of large data resources platform developed by police of the city police intelligence analysis, the South China Sea, the Shunde police said some websites registered by others, malicious complaints, blackmail and impose exactions on their money. This leads to a high degree of attention of the police, immediately set up a task force to investigate. Through investigation and evidence collection, the task force gradually mastered the suspect Liang Moujun, the basic situation of the case of Liang Moumin. In September 20th, the time is ripe to close the net. Investigators in Hebei of Sanhe Province, Hunan city of Yueyang province at the same time the arrest, the suspect successfully arrested Liang Moumin, Liang Mou army, seized false registration license, false identity card, computer and other items involved a group. According to testimony, Liang Moujun and Liang Moumin in the establishment of the official website, special leave QQ number or mobile phone number, to take the initiative to contact the victim, then ask the other "license fee", extortion amount generally 1000 yuan to 30000 yuan. From May to July this year, the object of infringement of up to 98 people (including Foshan membership of 2 people), involving the province’s 47 cities, involving over $1 million. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: