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The new proposal Taiwan legislature: retired officer " " leak; deprived of pensions – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Taiwan " Legislative Yuan ". Global network reported: according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on November 18th, the "Legislative Yuan" 18, three "Navy and air force officer read modified by Sergeant serving part of the provisions of regulations", the future officers against "national security law" "state secrets protection law" and "state secrets protection law" and "national intelligence law". Not sentenced to probation, deprived of pensions. The day before the Taiwan a number of retired generals to the mainland to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan attended the conference, caused a lot of controversy. Taiwan, the National Security Bureau, said that a total of 32 retired generals in Taiwan to participate in the commemoration of the land. In this regard, Taiwan army reserve army retired Lieutenant admiral said Mr. Wu Sihuai also went to the land to participate in the general assembly, but no any leakage of military secrets, even several public statements of the Republic of China is the legitimacy of Sun Zhongshan created, this day with Cai Yingwen before the memorial during World War II "Taiwanese soldiers", the same memory of ancestors, though place in the mainland, but remember the object is to create the "Republic of China" "father" of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, isn’t the only quasi Cai Yingwen to Taiwanese Japanese? No Veterans Memorial to Mr. Sun Zhongshan? It is also the "Legislative Yuan" to use the temporary proposal, published this paper tell the world file? He believes that this is "arbitrary, it is easy to find a pretext?" The DPP legislators Wang Dingyu said, the representative of retired generals to betray the past oath, betrays the follow Jiang Jieshi and Kuomintang, more comprehensive betrayal of their faith, "if these will still pay back retirement pension, Taiwan taxpayers should be called suckers". Even the DPP legislators Liu Shifang said on the 18, the proposal to cancel the retirement pension and recover the prize medal. In addition, the proposal also Taiwan general level officers to the mainland for lifetime control, and retroactive to 1992. For Taiwan DPP retired generals suffered a threat for the authorities, have responded, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang on the 16 day of the regular press conference, some politicians of the Democratic Progressive Party stubbornly adhere to the position of "Taiwan independence", inciting cross-strait hostility and confrontation, on political grounds, interference of cross-strait exchanges, cross-strait exchanges in Taiwan to suppress people, manufacturing the "chilling effect", but also broke their advertised verbally the so-called democracy and freedom of extreme hypocrisy. Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun to participate in exchange activities in 15 also pointed out that this thing for our attitude and feeling is eight words, "it is easy to find a pretext to beat".相关的主题文章: