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The mysterious Facebook PA screen in New York’s Times Square, mango Oprah about you long to see the entertainment Sohu – the Mid Autumn Festival this year, a mysterious man face log in New York Times Square, with Facebook elements of mystery, let people have stopped the streets of New York, is amazing. What behind this unique China Zhang wind Facebook exactly what the mystery hidden? Look at the picture in addition to the mysterious face man, the bottom line of small print Chinese "first China (takasato) International New Media Art Festival" and the words "China Guizhou" opened a mystery. Originally, the big screen in New York’s Times Square, Facebook is known as one of the ancient city of Guizhou uplift in the folk culture of the "three treasures" of the face dragon". The original and traditional, ancient and the vicissitudes of life in the old town and the more than and 600 years of the spread of Chinese culture and customs in ancient Chinese culture attention long three treasures — face dragon, stories and sing Han Ying to attract overseas media. More than 300 domestic and foreign media also reported that a new round of upsurge of topics. Even causing users of discussion in the overseas media, foreign friends speculated: "is Chinese Peking Opera?" "I feel like Chinese, somewhat like the Indians, is Afanda?" "Longli not lonely, his head rope is the antenna, the Mid Autumn Festival please bring back my thoughts" from Chinese users. China overseas Chinese also have a message, "the Mid Autumn Festival can not go home and family reunion, see the motherland from the invitation, homesick" "LONGLI NOT LONELY", this is a wonderful International Arts Festival, not only to the foreign friends handed out a mysterious art festival in Chinese reunion invitations, traditional festival mid Autumn Festival aroused overseas Chinese deep feelings of homesickness. It is reported that the first China (takasato) International New Media Arts Festival press conference held in Beijing in September 13th, October 1-5, the first China (takasato) International New Media Art Festival will be held in the ancient city of Guizhou long Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture Jinping county. The press conference, Wang Han led the mango Oprah day group on the expression of the festival blessing through the video, Wang Han and Tammy and officially confirmed the 3 generation of intelligent robot "takasato baby" will be co chaired the international new media art festival opening ceremony. Mango Oprah about you day long to see! New media art festival held simultaneously in the art festival star anchor contest is hot, a selection of new media art anchor. The contest for the global recruitment, the emergence of a large number of artistic temperament beautiful youth anchor. 5 anchor out of the fierce, will enter in the old town, as the "town of · through the broadcast pioneers from food, drink and play, swim angle full live" tour Longli ", and to participate in the first micro film Chinese live blogs. At the opening ceremony of the festival, Hunan satellite TV host Wang Han will also be the venue to connect the venue star anchor, then, the screen will be more than the entire screen of the explosion of the opening ceremony. In the long ago, the ancient city of the Ming Dynasty is the fortress of the army of the Ming Dynasty, and it has preserved the planning and layout of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Exposure to the ancient city, as if into.相关的主题文章: