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Arts-and-Entertainment Thirty years ago a graffiti was seen in London that read, Clapton is God. Can you believe that his present day fans, who did not know what he was like during those time still worship this amazing guitarist singer. For this reason alone you may want to Buy Eric Clapton Tickets and see what the entire rave is about. He was born in Ribley, England in 1945 and although he is not a youngster in age, he still performs as if he’s still a youngster. You must Buy Eric Clapton Tickets and see a man who’s made an impact on the lives of many fans through his excellent skills as a guitarist. Although Clapton has experienced some major hardships in his life, it has not stopped him from climbing higher and keeping things moving right along. He’s a non-stop ball of energy. His music depicts much of his emotional hardships of his life. Everyone that Buy Eric Clapton Tickets will learn some valuable lesson in life which will be planted in your mind for a very long time. This man has been like a palm tree, bending but never breaking. He has outlasted the best of the musicians. As a child, Eric was very polite and quiet. Nevertheless, he was expelled from college for playing his guitar in class. Now can you see why you must Buy Eric Clapton Tickets? He was an above average student who had exceptional skills in art. Eric also has had and still has a great love for the blues. A performance by Jerry Lee Lewis, on British television had a powerful effect on Eric. This is when his desire to play the guitar really exploded. Back in the earlier days when Clapton entertained, you could Buy Eric Clapton Tickets and be.e totally mesmerized by the sound of Eric’s guitar. He played his guitar with various blues bands such as the Roosters, Casey Jones and eventually he played with the Yard birds.At the time when Eric was still very popular and playing with the Yard birds, he still walked away from them because they were not into the blues as much as they were when they first started out. So you see, when you Buy Eric Clapton Tickets, you’ll be buying tickets to see a man dedicated to the blues. When you go to your ticket broker and Buy Eric Clapton Tickets, ask him and her where Eric got his nick name, Slow Hand From. They should be able to tell you he got that name from string-bending. He broke a many guitar strings and if you Buy Eric Clapton Tickets, you’ll get to see him break some more! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: