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The latest overseas research results: acupuncture to test the success rate doubled! – Sohu health "pregnancy is a practice of life" [reproductive therapy is stressful, and the use of relaxing therapy will be very useful. – Adam · Dr. Barron] scientific research shows that: acupuncture can significantly improve the therapeutic effect of the tube to a recent British study, received special treatment (acupuncture) who, in vitro success rate as high as two times of conventional therapy, reproductive experts said that this result is very interesting, and statistically meaning. Of course, they also point out that it is not clear whether this outstanding advantage is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, or is it just a placebo effect, because women have been emotionally and mentally relaxed during acupuncture treatment. The study conducted in Homerton University Hospital in London, to couple fertility problems, half of whom received four acupuncture treatment cycles in their in vitro. A year after the statistical results showed that those who received comfort (including needle refers to the stimulation of tiny acupuncture), the traditional acupuncture therapy, pregnancy rate achieved 46.2%, and in the absence of acupuncture pregnancy rate was only 21.7%. Adam, chairman of the British Fertility Society, said Dr. ·, referring to the findings, was "very interesting."". "There is no doubt that when people receive acupuncture, they get an extra support," he said. Reproductive treatment is stressful, and the use of relaxing therapy will be very useful." "There is no evidence that the controversial practices (refers to the use of traditional medical therapies, such as acupuncture) for those trying to set up a hurt child, family of course, to ignore those who called the" magic "of the so-called critics voice." He said again. Stuart · Smith Ravi, Hamer hospital gynecological experts, said many women undergoing reproductive treatment on replacement therapy (that TCM acupuncture) is very interested in. "There was a patient who had asked for acupuncture treatment, and another patient was interested in acupuncture and even the whole field of traditional Chinese medicine, but unfortunately there was a lack of rigorous, prospective, randomized studies in this field." "What’s interesting about the study is that it has a statistically significant difference," he said." He also pointed out that it is unclear exactly why take effect in the end is the direct physiological effects of acupuncture on the human body, or because the process of receiving treatment, therapists take time to listen to their problems, help them achieve mental relaxation, "this study is not able to control the placebo effect," he said said. Xiaobian comments on abroad more and more attention in the curative effect of acupuncture tube and other reproductive area, most of the clinical observation have proved that acupuncture improves the success rate of the tube, but the specific mechanism of acupuncture effect are discussed. In China, according to the experimental study of the basic theory of TCM and the results of acupuncture to improve blood circulation, regulate endocrine function mechanism has been widely recognized, at present, most studies have been conducted at molecular level, such as acupuncture more attention相关的主题文章: