The Iphone Kickstand And Other Cool Smartphone

UnCategorized When you were a kid you might have had a really cool bike. Depending on when you were a kid, it might have been a BMX, a racer, a mountain bike, or perhaps, if you were really lucky, a three-speed Grifter – the two hundred pound machine whose tricks consisted of barely getting the front wheel off the ground. In any case, you likely decked the bike out with all kinds of fancy goods – spoke poppers for the spokes, stunt nuts for the wheels, and a groovy kickstand. These days, you’re older and probably don’t stick cards in the spokes to make it sound like you have a motorbike in order to get people’s attention. You may not even own a bike at all; still, that shouldn’t stop you from owning a kickstand, should it? Now that you’re all grown up, the cool toys for adults and quasi-adults are their phones. We deck our phones out in all sorts of fantastical gear. You can even get your very own iPhone kickstand. Yep, no more holding the phone while you watch TV. Flip out the back bar and set it down so your wrist doesn’t cramp. But that’s not all. There are all kinds of great smartphone paraphernalia out in Webland, ready and waiting for your credit card and shipping details. Here are just a few: 1.The iPhone tripod. This cool piece of technology is like a tripod mixed with a spider mixed with a squid. What does it do? It holds your iPhone steady and ready to take pictures on almost any surface. Set it on a table, wrap the legs around a pole, dangle it upside-down from a fan (just don’t turn the fan on!). You can get picture from any angle at any time. 2.The smartphone TV hat. This hat is like an instant Virtual Reality environment. Well, maybe not VR, but at least movie theater. It’s like a movie theater in a hat. You insert your phone and ear buds, put on the hat, which covers the upper part of your face, putting you several inches from the screen and giving you the feeling that you’re at the movies anywhere you happen to be. Don’t wear this one while driving. 3.iPhone horn. This is not what you think it is, unless you think it is an accessory that looks like an old fashioned ear horn that amplifies the sound from the smartphone speakers without the need for electricity; in that case, then it’s exactly what you think it is. Not only does it work, but it also looks cool. Plus, whenever you need a funnel for liquids – voila! (Make note that using the horn as a funnel may void your warranty.) Yes, smartphones have really cool gadgets, so if you feel like decking out your phone with the same exuberance that you decked out your bike as a child, you can go crazy. An iPhone kickstand and horn, smartphone tripods and TV hats are just the tip of the iceberg. Go ahead: pop a wheelie. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: