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The Hong Kong tournament ended Chinese feather team only won the silver – women’s doubles sports — original title: Hong Kong Yu China team only doubles tournament ended Zhaiyin on 27 November, Xinhua news agency, Hongkong (reporter Liu Ning) six days of the 2016 Hongkong Open Badminton Championships 27 at the Hongkong Coliseum ended, the women’s doubles combination of Huang Dongping / Li Yinhui won the silver medal, get the best team China events. China Hongkong’s men’s singles champion Wu Long won by Taipei’s Dai Ziying China income capsule. The women’s doubles final, Huang Dongping / Li Yinhui after 45 minutes of fighting with 19:21 and 10:21 against Denmark combination Petersen / Wright, declared the end of the Hong Kong team Chinese feather tour with a silver medal. Chinese host Hongkong team to achieve a historic breakthrough, wu long in the final 21:14, 10:21 and 21:11 victory over India player Verma, won the men’s singles champion for the first time in Hong Kong yu. This is the first time to win the Long Wu BWF super men’s singles champion, but also the Hong Kong feather game since the start of 1982 China Hongkong’s first won the men’s singles champion. Wu said: "I was really nervous in the game, I have lost to him before, this time I can win is the strength of the affirmative, to prove that these four years of progress. I have been asked, you can choose the election will be held in the Hongkong open or the British Open champion, I did not hesitate to answer the Hongkong, because here is the home, in the family, friends to support the championship, the greater the significance!" The women’s singles final, Dai Ying owned in 41 minutes to 21:15 and 21:17 with India’s Snyder Hu, stood on the championship podium. Indonesia players won the mixed doubles gold, silver, Ahmad / Nasir in the final 21:19 victory over teammate Jordan and 21:17 / susanto. Japan kamura Huggins / Sonoda Keigo won the men’s doubles gold medal, they in the final two 21:19 beat Denmark combination Monson / bauer. Not long ago the end of the 2016 China Badminton Open, the Chinese team is not a gold. The Hong Kong feather race, 9 seeded players including Chen long and Li Zongwei, out of the race. Chinese team did not send the singles players to come to Hong Kong to participate. Sponsored by the Hongkong Badminton Association of the Hongkong open is the BWF super series of races, the total prize money this year to a record $400 thousand. (commissioning editor Zhao Xinyue and Zhang Fan)相关的主题文章: