The Healing Power Of Tree Flower

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews In the forest a giant conifer over a thousand years old rises so high that you need to stretch backwards and follow its bole a long way up to glimpse its top canopy. Can you imagine the process of its life beginning many centuries ago as a seed and then it pushing out of the ground and standing as a tiny seedling no higher than a flower? In its youth that lasts many human lifetimes it will grow briskly, competing with other trees for the light of the sun. Can you also see this tree in your mind’s eye in old age, one day falling with a great crash to the forest floor where while it decays it will serve as home to many forest creatures? Then finally it disappears, reabsorbed into the earth as vital nutrients that will nourish other plants as they grow. Our mind is like an amazing time machine that in an instant can transport us across space and time, just as you did a moment ago while imagining the entire life cycle of a tree from seed to old age and beyond. We can use this capacity of our mind to experience again our basic connection with trees. This in itself is beautiful and healing and will support us in opening to the resonance of tree essences. At Canadian Forest Tree Essences, we make vibrations tree flower essences in the lineage of Bach flower remedies that are the recordings of the songs of many wonderful trees and forest plants encountered on travels across North American forestlands and elsewhere in the world. These essences are not herbal medicinal preparations as we normally think of them, nor are they essential oils with aromatic qualities. Instead they touch the sphere of emotional well being and vitality through their resonance held as an imprint or memory of a tree. These essences may be enjoyed at many levels. For those readers who know or intuit the healing potential of being with trees, using the essences is an invitation to expand that intrinsic joy of celebrating the presence, strength and beauty of these great beings of the forest. In a wider sense tree essences are about deepening our awareness of nature, loosening self-contained boundaries that feed our illusion of being separate. Heightening this understanding of relatedness is fundamentally healing as is allowing ourselves to be nourished by the qualities of a particular tree. Essences are best approached with our conscious participation: healing not as something done to us, but involving us at many levels. I find it useful to see healing as a pyramid with 5 steps or levels. The first level is our physical body: here healing involves modern medicine, natural remedies such as herbs and vitamins, diets and cleansings. The second level on our healing pyramid is our vital energy. When our energy is low or in some way blocked, then health is adversely affected. Here exercise, walks in nature, acupuncture, Tai Chi, heath yoga and gardening are restorative and reinvigorating. On the 3rd level of our pyramid we deal with emotions, moods and feelings. Positive and flowing emotions bring health, while repressed negative emotions such as resentment, anger and stress may lead to illness. Here Vibrational Tree and Flower Essences do their magic by raising our vibrations and supporting our innate qualities and experience of joy, creativity, expansiveness, tranquillity and so forth. Other related modalities are homeopathy, color therapy and music therapy. The 4th level is how we think. We are what we think. Hypnosis, learning to think positively, and attuning ourselves to sources of higher thought are all helpful. Essences, with their positive energy from plants and trees support the growth of a positive state of mind. The subtlest level and the peak of our pyramid is meditation and prayer: a state of grace, silence, stillness and awareness that transcends thought. These 5 levels cover the full spectrum of the healing journey. This journey is ongoing. Tree flower essences are a gift from nature to support us on our path. To learn more about the healing power of trees and to try our tree flower essences visit us at Best Wishes, Daniel Tigner Email: [email protected] 相关的主题文章: