The guy stole 39 winning tickets to Beijing – in awarding-aquaria

The guy stole 39 winning tickets to Beijing – in awarding an online news according to the Anhui daily news, September 15th is the Mid Autumn Festival, in the provincial capital large Ge Ren home markets sports lottery shop old fan alarm call, 39 lottery jackpot lottery clips in the record book in stolen, a total of more than 2.5 yuan the suspect is calm, after committing the crime of buying lottery VIP zhang. Zhang on the same day in the city 5 lottery store led 18 thousand yuan. The lottery shop owner built the WeChat group, we invariably talk about this matter, but it was a turning point in the Baohe police cracked the case. Found the stolen lottery old fan Baohe immediately alarm, the Public Security Bureau of Interpol three teams quickly involved in the investigation. The police combed the old fan to join a lottery shop owner WeChat group found in the afternoon, Zhang went to the road, ring road, Tongcheng 5 lottery shop awarding, total cash 28 lottery, a lottery shop owner hot reds". Investigators combed the lottery store surveillance video overnight, locked the suspect whereabouts. According to the lottery shop owner to suspect Alipay transfer information, further confirmed the identity theft. In September 16th, Zhang came to a sports lottery store in Feidong County, the remaining 11 won lottery tickets a swap, get away more than 6000 yuan of cash. All this has been in the investigator’s line of sight. By talking with his father Zhang, we learned that the child is rebellious, but first, hope he can take the initiative to surrender." At the end of September, Zhang came to the Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade surrendered three baohe. Zhang explained that during the Mid Autumn Festival, when he studied the winning curve, he glanced at old fan and put a winning lottery ticket into the record book, and put it into the unlocked drawer. In a moment he went upstairs to answer the phone, the heart of greed killed me." Zhang said, stole the ticket, went to the lottery shop Duijiang, he did not dare to call a taxi, fear of the police to get the money; later, he suddenly remembered the transfer records deleted Alipay, but it was too late. Yesterday, reporters interviewed learned that Zhang had been arrested by the police for criminal suspects.

小伙偷来39张中奖彩票去兑奖-中新网   中安在线讯据安徽商报消息,9月15日是中秋节,在省城葛大店仁和家园菜市场经营体育彩票店的老范报警称,夹在记录本里的39张体彩中奖彩票被人偷走,共计2.5万余元,嫌疑人是作案后淡定买彩票的熟客张某。张某当天就在市内5家体彩店领走了1.8万元。体彩店老板建有微信群,大家不约而同地聊起此事,而这成了包河警方侦破此案的转折点。   发现彩票被盗老范立即报警,包河公安分局刑警三队迅速介入调查。警方梳理老范加入的一个彩票店主微信群发现,张某当天下午去桐城路、环城路等5家体彩店兑奖,共兑出28张彩票,成了彩票店主热议的“红人”。侦查员连夜梳理上述彩票店的监控录像,锁定了嫌疑人行踪。又根据体彩店主给嫌疑人支付宝转账时的信息,进一步确定了行窃小伙的身份。 9月16日,张某来到肥东县一家体育彩票店,将剩余的11张中奖彩票一把兑掉,领走了6000多元现金。这一切,已经在侦查员的视线之中。“通过跟张某父亲交谈,我们得知这个孩子虽叛逆,但是初犯,盼他能主动投案自首。”   9月底,张某来到包河公安分局刑警三队自首。张某交代,中秋节那天,他在研究中奖曲线图时,瞟到老范把一沓中奖彩票夹进记录本,又放进了没有上锁的抽屉。“在他上楼接电话的一瞬间,心里的贪念害了我。”张某说,偷走彩票,前去各个体彩店兑奖,他不敢打出租车,怕被警方定位到;领到钱后,他突然想起得把支付宝的转账记录删掉,可惜为时已晚。 昨日,记者采访获悉,张某因涉嫌盗窃罪已被警方刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: