The first series of ova animation joke blue second scholars and public notice of playing the joke. rosstallanma

The first series of OVA animation joke "blue" second scholars and public notice of playing the joke. Akiyuki shinbo and SHAFT and nisio isin is now firmly tied together, the west end write a novel SHAFT and adaptation to a new house would become animation, this year SHAFT and Akiyuki shinbo is to start the nisio isin the famous works "joke series" novels adapted into OVA animation, OVA animation series of the first joke today unveiled second bomb trailer. "The joke series" is from 2002 to 2005 nisio isin wrote and published a nine volume light novel series of novels, a joke is a blend of mystery and adorable two elements, just as a commercial business for the time series of works, the joke is not nisio isin later Bakemonogatari that special one but, with a large number of words and characters dialogue. In series of pits than Bakemonogatari, because from the nine volume novel zaregoto series derived from the "World Series" and "Aikawa failure" and "the strongest series". The SHAFT and the new house is the nine volume novel from the beginning of October launched a monthly OVA animation. In October 26th the first OVA zaregoto series "beheading cycle: Blue scholars and the attendant" joke, the first volume of the novel tells the story of the hero, a 19 year old college student, "I" with friends friends Zhu nine genius technician was invited to an island, in the island there are 4 same genius female characters, but in this isolated island occurred continuously in the room, in order to find out the "I" as a joke. It began to break the island events. In the second notice of background BGM is a combination of "March Phantasia" singing the theme song "the song CD ultramarine world", the theme song will be released in December 14th this year. Akiyuki shinbo served as zaregoto series OVA animation, and general supervision and co chaired the sub series composition, character set by Watanabe Akio as the eight Seto, execution and supervision, the tree is completely Bakemonogatari’s original animation. She voiced by Yu expensive UMODE, Bi, Ayako Kawasumi, Endo Aya, Yu Cun, Haruna Ikezawa, Ise Mari as the protagonist and genius dubbing group. [STAFF] general supervision: Akiyuki shinbo Supervision: Yase Ki: Watanabe Akio: a series of character design, and sub – new real shinbo [CAST] I: your friends: nine, Yu Zhu Bi sonoyama UMODE hematite tone: this village Yuko Ibuki Kanami: Ayako Kawasumi: Sayo Noyayoi: Endo Aya Ji food Zhenji Haruna Ikezawa akagami Emilia [source: Houko Kuwashima: acgdoge]相关的主题文章: