The exercise aircraft damaged oil carrier is pushed into the

The exercise aircraft damaged oil carrier is pushed down the sea landing field, every detail is very important – the South China Sea fleet of the Navy troops in Sino foreign joint training and joint exercises. Silu editor’s note this year, South China Sea fleet of the Navy troops out of the country, has participated in the "cormorant strike" multilateral joint special operations exercises and the Pacific Rim -2016 exercise, "10+8 Secretary of defense will be disaster relief and military medicine joint exercises and other joint exercises, I show the excellent naval officers of professional knowledge, but also gain a lot of valuable combat experience. Every detail is important on the battlefield! Talking about the feelings of the United States to play abroad, the officers and men who experience the deepest is only in peacetime training for fine, realistic, on the battlefield in order to fight like training. "What have we use what the battlefield," "cormorant strike" multilateral joint special operations exercises, a special warfare group platoon leader Zhang Xiangnan led commandos and Sri Lanka commandos mixed into battle. Sri Lanka in 2009 before the end of the civil war, each member of the special combat team have experienced the actual quenching." Zhang Xiangnan said with deep feeling, Sifangte commandos combat tactics consciousness is very strong, excellent. In the "jungle camouflage" subjects, Sifangte players move to Zhang Xiangnan by surprise: they go rotten mud lay to the face, hands and feet, camouflage painted mud, then collected on the spot and branches, leaves, weeds, camouflage on systemic and weapon equipment through the method of inserting, cap, bag etc.. 10 minutes later, Slovakia invited me to stand in the point as the center, within a radius of 10 metres, to observe and find their 3 camouflage players. Our team members to open their eyes and strive to find, has not found the hidden hiding place. What do we have on the battlefield?." Zhang Xiangnan introduced to the players, do so in order to better integrate into the combat environment. The next mission rehearsal also let Zhang South saw Slovakia practical operational concept: through the use of stones, trees and weeds to simulate the terrain, not only intuitive and easy to understand, is simple and fast, saving valuable time for operation. After returning home, Zhang Xiangnan will learn the valuable experience of training for their company training, and achieved good results. "Don’t forget, this is in the fourth day war" against "cormorant" exercise 4 in the morning, just finished sabotage "enemy" task in Leicester logistics base player, according to collaborative planning to leave the battlefield. All the way down, Sifangte players starting from the actual battlefield awareness, let the Chinese commandos – sincerely admire in order to avoid the "enemy" to catch up, Slovakia manager recommend in accordance with the "Z" shape of the evacuation route. All the way down, the total travel we increased by nearly 200 kilometers; evacuated, two commandos almost no road through selection in mountain forests; in order to avoid leaving traces, as long as the players will meet River, Sifangte war with all the times river. To the residential area, China, the Special Operations Group Commander commander Chen Xingquan also found a detail Sifangte commandos: they are in a shoe sole combat boots bottom stuck on a layer of local residents often wear standard. Party leaders told Chen Xingquan, this is to let the enemy can not tell whether the people or army.相关的主题文章: