The boy was injured to the ears of the deaf ear tinnitus more than 9 months has not been cured solid converter

The boy was hurt to deaf ear tinnitus shock students for more than 9 months did not cure western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Zhao Dihan) two days working in Xi’an, Ms. Ma has been very upset, a few months ago, on the sixth grade son was ringing in the ear in students with a jolt a plastic, did not expect such a small action to let Ms. Ma’s son Xiao Lu appeared deafness and tinnitus symptoms, has been more than 9 months did not cure. Ms. Ma: in January 6th, the middle of the afternoon, the child called me to say that his classmates took something shocked, ears suddenly heard, ears have been ringing." Received a phone call from his son Ma quickly sent his son to the hospital, but the results of the test but let ms.. According to the diagnosis of hospital, Xiao Lu ear burst injury of left ear frequency decreased, Ms. Ma said I never thought a little child will actually plastic castanet ears hurt. Xiao Lu: "when the class, he has a problem, he asked me, I didn’t give him, he was in my ear shake with castanets." Reporter: what did you feel?" Xiao Lu: "at that time what also can not hear, ears have been called." A written description of a reporter from Ms. Ma provided you can see, the school conducted an investigation on the matter, the two children will have done a detailed description of the incident at the same time, the school also made a record of this meeting, but let Ms. Ma is angry, although over the past nine months, the child has not yet healed, but the school and other students’ parents did not have any representation. Ms. Ma said: "the school said it would give me deal with this matter before this summer, after what happened at school must make me satisfied, I have school reply, but by June the baby are on holiday, holiday before he finally gave me the answer is let me speak." A person in charge of the reporter contacted the Xi’an far east two responsible for security work. Xi’an far east two responsible security person in charge: "we coordinated many times, because the child now graduated, he (the other parents) do not fit not to coordinate, every time a call that is also very unhappy, if we should bear the responsibility, we must not shirk, but this thing, we still want to take the legal channels, it is fair for everyone." Subsequently, Ms. Ma tried to call the other parent’s phone, but the phone has been in a state of no one answered Ma: I made four or five calls, but the other side is not answering the phone." The reporter consulted the relevant legal persons of Xi’an Hong vibration lawyer Yang Lei: "Xiao Lu in the law to limit the capacity for civil conduct, according to the provisions of China’s tort law, limited civil capacity in schools, educational institutions violated third people, resulting in personal injury, for the school to do safety management responsibilities, shall bear tort liability in third, according to the size of the fault shall bear supplementary liability."相关的主题文章: