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The analysis of quasi Angus God: are you love the queen or cinderella! Sohu Text Marie Claire – Marie Claire, Angus Photo Kellykiwi, W is still in love, do not know that you are giving orders or advice! Come and see the stars professor Angus today’s Quasi Divine Tarot, let you know what is not the slave of love! Although everyone has their own eyebrow eyebrow angle, but in some cases, as long as their loved ones around, will be completely to each other’s opinions for the opinions, just want to obey, willing to do a servant maid in love, love of you servile how high? The following five tarot card, a please select a card you most love card. A Shun Mao touch smart love small Tarot Tarot Card: power girl stroked the king of beasts, lions, the symbol with gentle but full of strength. The feeling of you is actually quite clever wit, you always and he kept a tacit understanding, smooth together, the two of you on the surface you always listen to him, everything in him, but in fact you will have their own ideas, when disagree, you will know how to persuade him in your own way and whether to retreat, or face, even disrespect him, can also be used for a lovely way to let him not angry, even if he is not basically your toe, often turn a blind eye to your decision. Index: 20% B principle of slavish inviolability of Tarot: female female Pope Pope you seem so serious, the feeling is quite rational understanding, sometimes feeling is a step back as boundless as the sea and sky truth, so basically you have too many opinions on most things, tend to choose the lover, if the lover asked how often do you have, to the west, you are also willing to meet the various needs of lover, live in harmony to maintain concessions, but you belong to the inviolability of the bottom line, if a lover too anything and everything, it is ultimately broke out one day, how to let the lover know your principles in the communication process, is the key for two people. Servility index: 40% C know how to judge the Tarot playing privileges: choose the right to battle the queen queen of wands card is not difficult to see you look in their higher position in the middle of the feelings, so along often love to convince each other with belongs to the characteristics of the female, like a spoiled, tears offensive, is particularly easy to be spoiled and arrogant, but you know quite the right one level, on the other side you will fight for the things of no great importance in obey in every way, but in the important decisions, often have the right to make the final lover, lover of choice, you will be free to decide not only bear the pressure, the queen is superior, you little woman. Servility index: 60% D carefully preserving the feelings of peace? Tarot: Scepter four this is a very interesting card, two people live in peace in a contrast, but it is not difficult to see from the wand between opposing attitude. You don’t like to be in love with your lover相关的主题文章: