The advantages and disadvantages of lacquer doors and purchase knowledge punyu

The advantages and disadvantages of free paint wood and buy knowledge?? – paint wood suggests that the surface without painted wooden doors, wooden doors, this is in fact the ordinary facade attached a layer of high temperature PVC plate, which will make the color more bright; another paint wooden door is in the factory when it has finished the painting the finished wooden door. What are the advantages and disadvantages of lacquer doors? Today Xiaobian to introduce you specifically about the relevant knowledge of wood doors, let’s take a look at it. The quality of paint free door           we see such a title, it may be said that the advantages of paint doors and paint free door quality? In fact, when we say that the number of paint free door a set of its quality? When it comes to quality, we must look at whether the advantages of the product is very good, if it has the advantages of unlimited expansion, so that the quality of the product is very good? The answer is absolutely yes, so the following Xiaobian to tell you about the merits of paint free door!           first, paint free door color is very rich, and the product style are biased towards modern, environmental protection, suitable for a variety of home decoration style oh!           two, paint free door gives the visual effect is very good, said no paint paint free door to perfect products, but there is no paint free door after paint pollution, natural environmental protection to make products more, now in a serious environmental pollution society. There is a green door, Home Furnishing life is absolutely safe and comfortable!           three, paint the door in many doors, the process is very small, and paint the door of the construction time is very short, if you want to see in advance the door installation effect, paint free door is definitely a good door oh! But also do not have to worry about how much a free painting door, what is the reason? Do you want to know? ?? Paint free door quality defects of           paint free door production skills is too small, so paint free door can be used for long time, it should be easy to crack, if it is to paint the door of wood, it is not only waterproof, not fire, so we look at the heavy paint the quality of the doors, we must select the useful information, don’t care how much money a paint free door, but also can not be ignored, so the following small for everyone to talk about how much money a door! ?? These are small as you organize the related knowledge of paint free doors, you can choose according to the actual needs of the home, paint the door in the general price of 100 yuan, the big brand paint free door in general about 700-800, while the small brand paint free door general can buy about 400-500.相关的主题文章: