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Jewelry-Diamonds Active outdoorsmen swear by the ABC watches and its Suunto who kind of re-invented the type. The Altimeter, Barometer and .pass .bination is a versatile one aiding anything from golf to rock climbing; from sailing and surfing to skiing. But, it has to be hard enough to stand the ordeals; else a tactical package is of no use. The Suunto X-Lander beats others on this ground. Lightweight and tough as a nail, the X-Lander serves you as much in the backcountry as within your luxurious yacht or when you are high above on the mountain trail. Its not for nothing the geek circles call it the Mil-X (Mil is short for military) and this is the reason behind it. The design has proven itself in military operations and is less whiz-bang .pared to many other of its ABC brethren, despite upgrades like the mineral glass (in place of acrylic) and carbon-fiber reinforced aluminum case instead of resin or stainless steel. All that makes for a package thats both tougher and lighter. Stinger buttons are another ground on which the X-Lander scores magnificently; these used to .e formerly in the Suunto dive .puters. These push buttons can be operated underwater, which is a stark contrast to the rest that have a strict restriction on underwater operability. Do it and they are gone! The Suunto X-Lander is prepared for such tough situations as well. Apart from time,date and the ABC functions, the Suunto Vector HR Dark Green keeps track of a second time zone; measures and splits time with its stopwatch function, allows for countdown, programs two separate daily alarms and also determines a wearers position relative to the sea level. Remarkably accurate on hills if you know the reference altitude; that way, you can know for sure if its just a rise or fall in altitude or an approaching storm. It leaves nothing to guesswork. The Suunto Core Glacier Gray Watches doesnt allow you to make .promises, for if theres one thing real professionals hate, it is making .promises. However, its not just professionals who are only entitled to go for the X-Lander, anyone with an eye and a want for a multi-functional sports watch is going to find this tight, little and tough package an elegant one. An abundance of features does not .plicate things; on the contrary, they are extremely user-friendly with easy operating logic behind. The large display allows for big numerals, which is a privilege when you are under stressful conditions and an electro-luminescent backlight makes it fully usable even when its pitch dark. Exclusive looks within a rock-solid foundation, thats the best way to describe the Suunto Vector Red Watches, its non-allergenic materials (both for the case and the strap) making prolonged usage absolutely a breeze. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: