Stonefly Voyager Tsc Ip San-7470d

Data-Recovery Dynamic Network factory is a storage networking .pany, which is in the business since 2000. StoneFly is a business subsidiary of this .pany which is located in California and offers IP Storage and data protection enabled products to departments, .panies and enterprise organizations. This .pany offers IP SAN products, which have gained a lot of popularity among the small and mid size businesses. For this reason, it has bagged number of awards from globally renowned storage magazines like CRN, for its innovation driven storage products. One among the IP SAN product happens to be StoneFly Voyager TSC series, which is a virtualized IP SAN appliance available with enhanced redundancy, scalability and performance driven availability. Stone Fusion operating system acts as a nucleus of this storage system. StoneFly Stone Fusion is specially designed to offer DR solution as well as it acts as a .plete storage related operating system. So, Voyager TSC IP SAN presented by StoneFly is a highly featured redundant IP SAN which has unprecedented performance in a small footprint. In order to review this storage appliance, let us go through its features in detail. StoneFly Voyager TSC is driven by award winning Stone Fusion storage operating system, which acts as a one solution to many requirements. It simplifies the storage management and deployment with its storage virtualization features. Adding more to its features is that it provisions storage, controls access to storage, manages volumes and offers an all inclusive disaster recovery solution with its snapshot, active/active clustering for eliminating all point failures, synchronous and asynchronous features. Server Virtualization details are provided. Voyager TSC IP SAN offers support for storage consolidation, virtual server storage data continuity, disk 2 disk backup, email archiving and other iSCSI applications. As StoneFly Voyager TSC IP SAN offers support for storage virtualization, it simplifies creation of storage pools. Based on the application requirement for transactional data, secondary storage, archive data and remote or campus storage, a centralized storage with volume level management is offered, which simplifies the time and effort of the IT administrator. There is a web based control panel which offers quick access to standard reports of monitoring of system health, configuration, load and utilization, sessions and usage patterns. The entire IP SAN health and utilization can be monitored and managed effectively, by the system management feature. StoneFly IP SANs are offered with latest .work and disk drive technology which present superior performance and flexibility in iSCSI protocol driven Storage area .work solutions. This storage supports solid state disk media and has a 10GB Ether. support. Voyager TSC IP SAN is available with a starting 16 disk configuration, which can be expanded to 128 disks, as per the requirements of the enterprise. Storage related downtime is eliminated with redundant power supplies, cooling fans, disk drives and controllers and so enterprise data is secure and protected in all ways. Voyager TSC offers fast data transfer as it offers with 950MB/sec speed and so the performance level is excellent in this system meant for data storage. So, on a conclusion note, StoneFly Voyager TSC IP SAN is truly an excellent solution meant for all requirements related to data storage in enterprise environment. Customers can find solutions for Data Protection 相关的主题文章: