St. Patricks Day Clothing

Arts-and-Entertainment St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday filled with friends, food, and drinking. Not to mention, a lot of green. If you have St. Patrick’s Day parties or get together .ing up for this holiday or want to plan ahead on what to wear, here are a few ideas to make the your holiday clothing as festive as the rest of the day. Of course you will want to go all green. That great thing about this holiday is that just about every store you go to now has t-shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, and accessories to dress yourself up with. But there is no reason to just stick to green. Look for different shades of green and throw some silver in there also. Pairing multiple shades of green together with even green shoes and accessories such as jewelry and hats is a fun way to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day. If your girl, find green tights to go with a green skirt and shirt, add a vest as well and pointy shoes, to be a leprechaun. There are great top hats in green with shamrocks on them or headbands with shamrocks on springs too. Guys can dress as leprechauns also using a vest, green pants, adding gold coins and chains. Such as a pocket watch or making a pot of gold to carry. There is also the option of decorating shirts and clothing with gold and silver glitter. Get a plain green t-shirt, tank top, dress, whatever you would like to wear and add your design to it. Painting on shamrocks or pots of gold or even the words Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Not to mention rainbows with pots of gold also. Br creative and add all sorts of flair to any green outfit you .e up with. Don’t forget to paint your face as well to go with the entire outfit you have created. Painted shamrocks and rainbows with pots of gold at the end of them are a great touch. You could go so far to add green temporary dye to your hair also. When it .es to St. Patrick’s Day, there can never be too much green or flair. It’s a great holiday to go over the top and be a green leprechaun or a happy shamrock. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: