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"The sparrow" ratings continue to break the 2  Dongyu Zhou staged a counter attack torsion controversy – Liaoning channel — original title: "the sparrow" ratings continue to break 2 Dongyu Zhou staged a counter attack starring Dongyu Zhou twist controversial Spy Drama "sparrow", during the national day of the ratings continued to break 2. Dongyu Zhou in the play of rookie agent Xu Bicheng, in times of danger and test, began to grow, not only unlock many new skills, but also opened a road to counter attack, so many viewers of the attitude change. "The sparrow" ratings continue to grow year break 2 Xu Bicheng Spy Drama "sparrow" is Hunan TV hit, more humane elements, let it win the sympathy of the audience of all ages. Not only ranked the top of the provincial TV TV ratings, the National Day ratings continued to break 2. Dongyu Zhou in the play Xu Bicheng, after experiencing the danger and test again, has not been the rookie agent. When go through fire and water and her partner Tangshan sea was arrested, Xu "the people of the state is a very big change, she was brave to face the danger, will be the first time after failing to think calmly, make objective judgment, the official opening of the road to counter attack. The role of Dongyu Zhou before and after contrast large audience attitude change Xu Bicheng left the audience in the early impressions are timid, weak, and in the recent period of the story, Xu Bicheng not only can calmly after the interrogation, at the critical moment of the show also highlights some special quality. When Xu Bicheng found himself no longer only for love, but also for the efforts of faith, so that many viewers on her attitude has undergone a significant change. The audience said: "Xu Bicheng is the lack of practical experience, Dongyu Zhou performing delicate, the role before and after contrast interpretation is in place" and "the role of Xu Bicheng is full of people, more challenging, to hate Xu Bicheng, but also because of Dongyu Zhou’s performance in place". Director Jin Chen in an interview, also commented "Dongyu Zhou played the first spy drama, she also is a try, I think her performance is the overall strength, the heart is tension, her occupation is certainly more lasting vitality. The climax of the play is in the latter half, and there are more serious changes". (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety) 《麻雀》收视持续破2 周冬雨上演逆袭扭转争议–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:《麻雀》收视持续破2 周冬雨上演逆袭扭转争议   由周冬雨主演的谍战剧《麻雀》,在国庆期间的收视率持续破2。周冬雨在剧中扮演的菜鸟特工徐碧城,在经历多次的危险和考验后,开始成长蜕变,不仅解锁了不少新技能,更是开启了逆袭之路,让不少观众对其的态度发生了转变。   《麻雀》收视持续破2 徐碧城成长蜕变   年度谍战大戏《麻雀》正在湖南卫视热播,更多人性化元素的注入,让它赢得了各个年龄段观众的共鸣。不仅稳居省级卫视电视剧收视排行榜首,国庆期间收视率更是持续破2。   周冬雨在剧中饰演的徐碧城,在经历了一次次的危险和考验后,早已不是当初的菜鸟特工。当和她一起出生入死的搭档唐山海被捕后,徐碧城整个人的状态更是发生了非常大的变化,她勇敢面对危难,遇事后会第一时间冷静思考,做出客观地判断,正式开启了逆袭之路。   周冬雨角色前后反差大 引观众态度转变   徐碧城在前期留给观众的印象大都是胆怯、柔弱的,而在近几期的剧情中,徐碧城不仅能冷静应对毕处的审问,在关键时刻的表现也突显出了一定的特工素质。当徐碧城发现自己不再只为爱情,更是为信仰而努力时,让不少观众对她的态度发生了明显的转变。   观众表示“徐碧城缺少的只是实践经验,周冬雨表演细腻,把角色前后的反差诠释的很到位” “徐碧城这个角色很饱满,人设更具挑战性,一开始讨厌徐碧城,也是因为周冬雨的表演到位” 。导演金琛在接受采访时,也评价道“周冬雨第一次演谍战剧,对她也是一个尝试,整体我认为她的表演是有力量的,内心是有张力的,她的职业生命力肯定是会比较长久的。这个戏她的高潮在后半部,有更大的变故发生”。 (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: