South Korean tourist guide for shopping and other issues after the Chinese Embassy involved in the i-aizi

South Korean tourist guide for shopping and other issues after the Chinese Embassy involved in the insult to apologize to the Embassy – recently, a section called South Korea tour guide than Yunnan black tour is not bad, the video on the internet. Video of a tour guide and tourists around the shopping problem quarrel, after which the tour guide has been questioned in an uncivilized language tourists. Video of the photographer told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, tour guides and tourists because the journey because the bus fault delay time, the two sides to reduce the journey time after which the outbreak of the conflict, said the requirements of guide visitors to the sale of Korea ginseng shop because it is "the South Korean government requirements". South Korea Tourism Bureau, said the tourists have the right to refuse to go to the designated shopping point shopping, shopping guide for compulsory shopping, visitors can report complaints to the Korea Tourism bureau. Network video local tour guide tourists to Korea shopping less cited dissatisfaction with the online heat transfer video was part of the users as "Beijing man challenge South Korea black Tour" of the title, the video is divided into two parts, the first section is a South Korean tour with a Beijing accent China man in the street have quarrel, using the South Korean tour guides in Korean, South Korea is not very polite way. The second paragraph of the video taken on the bus, the Chinese language in the tour guide said there are obvious abusive tourists language, such as your parents how to raise you". Video, the two sides dispute the main topic is whether to buy Korea ginseng. The tour guide blamed the tourists for buying less, "since you have reported the sightseeing shopping group, you have the obligation to buy." Tourists argued that the tour guide did not know, do not know how to do what to buy, and accused the tour guide to play the way to replace the recording. After the release of the video caused many users to discuss, as of now the amount of play has reached ten million level. The police were involved in the embassy visitors about the tour guides to the members of an apology yesterday, and the video guide dispute of Beijing tourists Mr. Shen told reporters BYD, the video was filmed on October 4th during the travel to Korea, the cause of the incident is not simply for shopping and. According to Mr. Shen said that the tour guide claiming to be Korean, the morning of October 4th, visitors take the bus from the hotel, the smell of burning air discharged from the car air conditioning, parking inspection did not find fault, but there are still visitors smell burning. Some tourists think that this is not safe, hope to guide members of the car continues to travel is required. Mr. Shen said, the ultimate guide under the requirements of tourists to change. But because the transfer delay time, tour guides and members of counsel, want to cancel a duty-free trip to Korea, to ensure that ginseng store and local cosmetics store time. "We would like to cancel the trip to Korea, the tour guide, do not agree with the tour, said the South Korean government asked the tour group must go." In the afternoon, the tour guide told the tourists, originally scheduled for an hour to shorten the time of steam for 10 minutes, some of the visitors that can not accept, the two sides quarrel, Mr. Shen will take the first part of the video, then on the bus, the tour guide has complained to the tourists, Mr. Shen took a video of the second part. Shen also said that this video is not recorded because the last person相关的主题文章: