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Jewelry-Diamonds If someone plans for a marriage, the plan starts with the engagement. Engagement is the very initial step for the loving process which gives a memorable and strong start of nice journey called journey of life. To make this day memorable and start the new life with the hope of being full of love engagement ring is only the thing which make it perfect. Engagement ring is the symbol of love for every one to see, it really represents the intention of marriage who wears it. Engagement ring actually came into existence dates back to the 15th century when Austria"s famous king Archduke Maximilian gave a gift of a shining diamond ring to his intended bride, Mary of Burgundy. In many countries, it is a trend or you can say customary for the newly engaged woman to wear an engagement ring on their left hand third finger. The recent trend also starts that the young men are also wearing engagement rings. It is growing mainly in most of the European countries. Now if we are talking about the engagement rings the story can not be finished without the gossip of diamond. Diamond is the heart in any of the engagement ring. If we talk about the engagement ring it is lifeless without the diamond. One of the best engagement rings that can be given to the one who is going to be most loving part of your life is Solitaire Diamond Engagement ring. It is also called Tiffany setting. This style was initiated in 19th century and is still one of the most popular, most selling and most beautiful rings. Its everlasting beauty and its true love denotation make it the perfect ring for you life partner. If you are hunting for a perfect diamond solitaire engagement ring we have some tips to lessen your stress and selecting a unique ring for your bride. "The very first important thing is the consideration of the size. Always remember to choose the size which suits you lucky ladies finger. "Remember the 4C"s which includes color, carat, clarity and cut. Among them cut is the most important which determine the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. There are many cuts like heart, oval, square but the most surprising and unique is round. "After the selection of shape think of the metal and its setting you want to use. Setting is of four- prongs and six- prongs. In metal white and yellow gold are most .mon so if you want to give your lady something extraordinary then go for platinum. If you are budget oriented person the doors are also open for you, you can choose mount metal which is less expensive and also very beautiful. "And finally here .es the selection of color, diamond .es in many color and texture. You can select any color you like and which suits your honey. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: