So fed the baby wrong! Do not harm the baby! Sohu – kaya scodelario

So fed the baby wrong! Do not harm the baby! A lot of parents in order to reduce the trouble of the Sohu or because of being immersed in the joy of feeding, ignoring a problem: as the baby grew up, he has gradually mastered the ability to eat. Whether the baby can sleep and eat independently has been my concern. Before the baby was born, I paid special attention to the problem. Because, I often see my 5 year old nephew was chased after feeding the scene. Children play to eat, this is really reasonable? In my opinion, it is best to eat and play or read TV to separate. So, the peas can take a spoon to, we had dinner together, she used her bowl and spoon, eat us, intermittent help her, also enjoy their happiness within, do something independent of happiness. Mom and dad every day at the dinner table on the behavior of the baby’s body and mind of the brand is far more profound than the school’s homework. Whether it is the development of the baby gastrointestinal health or personality, let your baby develop good eating habits from childhood or Gabriel no harm. First, if hands are dirty and banned right baby hand pilaf: wash hands, encourage yourself to eat when I saw the baby when using hand pilaf, hear the most is "don’t touch dirty!" Such an instruction. However, when the baby is eight months or so began to study the desire to eat, so the total love with their own hands to grab food, but in daily life, most mom and dad always put the baby learning impulse to call back. Mom and dad refused to let the baby learn to eat, the only reason is "dirty", that the baby’s health is not afraid of the baby pilaf, got all over the table. In fact, there are many benefits to let the baby learn to eat, not only adds to the things of interest, but also the development of functional exercise hand eye coordination and finger muscle, but also increase the baby’s self-confidence and sense of achievement. If you always play back to the baby out of the hands of exploration, this will make the baby lost interest in learning, eating can only become a passive behavior by feeding. Warm tip: we can learn from the foreign countries, the foreign general after one year old baby has its own dining chairs and cutlery, mom and dad will only smile to encourage your baby to eat, whether with a spoon or hand, they will not stop. Because this time, let the baby eat happy, interested in food is more important. If you bear the heart of this problem, mom and dad just wash your hands before meals to the baby, after dinner a little more than the amount of work to clean up the table. If the baby is not enough to eat, you can also let the baby to eat their own, while mom and dad. Two, one arm around a hand feeding, feeding lying chasing feed the right way: sit on a small chair, face-to-face feeding feeding position but also pay attention to, some parents think about the success of the first step is feeding feeding position. We often see in the rural areas, families to coax the baby to eat. Some put the baby in the table chair for children or children’s special car, mom and dad sat on the opposite face of the feeding; some let the baby sitting on his side.相关的主题文章: